Sunday, November 19, 2006

Western Carolina Post Game

All analysis, links, etc... here.


  1. Mulford, thanks for the tickets.

    Disclaimer - this post ignores the obvious fact that we just played a high school team.

    62 pts, no punts, no FGs, no injuries, suspension fulfilled, 59 total yards allowed, shutout, a punt return not called back...


    It was obviously a diff. mood at the stadium given the opponent and the crowd was sparse in some areas, but at least we got the best outcome we could given the circumstances.

    A fun time.

  2. Didn't Dallas Baker sprain his knee, or is he ok now?

  3. All Rudy references although appropriate are lame.

    That being said, good for him that he played and he did deserve it, but no, I did not read article.

    I did get a pamphlet when I walked in the stadium.

  4. You should read the article Peacock