Monday, November 27, 2006

SECCG Pre game

Can we stop McFadden?? Is he afraid of RFN?


  1. RFN has to be careful not to pinch in on the handoff to Run DMC cuz he does the halfback throw a lot.

  2. C. Dick (LOL) - ARK QB:

    3-17 for 29 yards last week vs. LSU.

    RUN DMC - 2 of 2 for 33 yards.

    RUN DMC lines up at QB a lot also and does straight runs like Percy.

  3. Yeah, RFN mentioned the half-back throws in an interview I listened to yesterday.

    So do we stack the box, play man, and put RFN on an island? If we stack the box we need to be careful because we need to contain the edges.

  4. I hate to say it, but it might be best with their QB weaknesses to play a zone with a 8-yard sluff.

    Semi stacking the box and semi playing the pass.

  5. Lest us not forget their other RB - Jones?, making them sort of like AUB in '03 with Cadillac and Ronnie Brown.