Sunday, November 12, 2006

South Carolina Post Game

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  1. Punch Line
    Finally, what's harder to look at?

    1. Florida's offense.
    2. Georgia's pass defense.
    3. "Borat's" hotel room wrestling scene.

    Right now, I'd say it's No. 1. And that's despite the fact that No. 3 is perhaps the sickest, grossest, most foul, cringe-inducing, and absolutely side-splitting, laugh-so- hard-your-face-hurts piece of comic insanity I have ever seen. Unforgettable cinematic moment. And you will try to forget it. You just can't.

    Completely repulsive. Yep, I went and saw it two nights in a row this week. Sacha Baron Cohen might be a genius.

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  2. I watched as SOS left the field and it was a bit emotional to see this. I was torn between watching his exit and the Gators celebrating in the North East corner.

    From The State:

    Finally, as Spurrier approached the exit tunnel, he gave into his emotions ... for the first time all afternoon. He gave a thumbs-up to the USC band and to the cheering Gamecock fans before pointing to the Florida crowd as if to say, "You were great, too."

  3. I was sitting in that corner of the endzone and all of the people around me, students mostly, were booing him and shouting whatevers.

    Darren and I were in the section right next to the USC band and their fans.

    The booers were students who were never there when Spurrier was our coach. The people he pointed to were in the south endzone, who were mostly season ticket holders and were clapping for him as he walked off.

    (I did not boo, but I did give him the Gator Chomp as politely as I could)

  4. We sit in that corner too, and you couldn't hear the boos, but a lot of the people in the south endzone ,including us, were clapping at him. I imagine he had a lot of mixed emotions that day.

  5. Shreaking-Girl Loud!!!

    (Better angle too)

    The Block II

  6. Fly By -- Folks on Gator Country are saying that they were at 1000 ft.

  7. This one is louder. Interesting since it is up in the North Endzone.