Monday, November 27, 2006

SEC Weekend Plans (Events & Activities)

Discuss plans for Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, etc.


  1. For those of you who are interested in going out here are some options.

    1. Atlanta Gator Club Crescent Street Crawl
    in Midtown on Friday
    2. East Andrews in Buckhead where Chris Doering & some other former players will be hanging out. Supposedly they'll be there both Friday & Saturday nights.
    3. Sidebar on Saturday night for a post-game after party with the Atlanta Gator Club.
    4. The Virginia Highlands
    5. Buckhead

    At first I thought the East Andrews party was the best idea, but the pub crawl looks really cool. Hike says East Andrews is ok, it has a live band and another room with a DJ and dance music. He says that Midtown (pub crawl location) has a lot of sports bars and is pretty cool. Buckhead has gone down in recent years in my opinion.

    The last East-West Marta line goes through Five-Points at 1:35am on Friday night and 1:16am on Saturday night. Thus MARTA is an option. We can plan a cab ride home and if we decide to bail early we can catch MARTA.

    Anyone have an opinion, vote, or another suggestion?


    Stone Mountain is always fun on Saturday morning. It looks like it will be partly cloudy and probably a bit chilly.

    Weekend Weather

  3. I'm up for anything and looking forward to going out on week is going to be hell!

  4. I will be there at Friday around 3 p.m. So count me in for a late Stone Mountain laser light show maybe?

  5. Chris and I will be doing the minimum this weekend. We will liklely head back to the house after the game with Jim and Donna.

  6. Do you guys have a meeting with the Bobs?

  7. Yeeaahh, right a meeting with the Bobs.

  8. The plan Friday night is to go to Midtown and do the Crescent Street Pub Crawl. To do the crawl you have to get the T-shirt by tomorrow at midnight. Veena and I will be getting ours. If you want to go then get yours.

  9. by Thursday at midnight? How would you be getting yours if your flight doesn't arrive until Friday?

  10. The Peacock would like to participate in said "Pub Crawl."

  11. Click on the link Peacock. You have to order it online so they'll have it for you when you get there on Friday.

    What about the Stone Mountain Lazer show? Also, I don't think they have laptop computers at the pub crawl dude.

  12. I have my cell phone biatch!!!

  13. Mulford, did you post your parent's address anywhere on here?

  14. Mulford, will your plane be departing Dallas anytime tomorrow or are you gonna start driving now?

  15. My flight says it is on time right now.

  16. Here's the tentative plan.

    We will be heading to Midtown on Friday evening. The Atlanta Gator Club is hosting a pub crawl. Information is on their website. We'll hoping to get to Front Page News no later than 8pm.
    Front Page News

    If it is not too cold we might go to Stone Mountain late morning. Around noon or 1pm we'll head down to Sidebar.

    From here we can walk to Underground Atlanta, the CNN Center, the Dome, etc. The game is at 6pm. Afterward we may head back to Sidebar to check it out. We may stay there or go to Midtown or Buckhead if its lame.

  17. I will be in the A T L around 10pm tonight. It was a gametime decision to put me into the lineup.