Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random Posts Pre Week # 13



  1. In 1996 the Gators dropped to #5 after the loss. The only variable is thus not just time.

  2. Why does the media think that Meyer was making a case for Florida ONLY to be in the NCG???

    Yeah he spoke out and loudly, but he did not say, Gators or bust. He made a case for USC, Arkansas and UF.

    I'm tired of hearing Dodd and Bianchi shred him when they shred the very same system Meyer is now shredding.

    It is really ridiculous.

    It is obvious that we must win out to even be considered. That is not Meyer's point. He is taking about the system, not UF being left out.


  3. Very sad for me, but good for him. Remember to enjoy watching his play these last 3 games. He's the best FS that I've seen play at UF. That includes Will White, Teako Brown, Todd Johnson, etc.

  4. GARBAGE! How come Texas is willing to play home and home, but we can't run a bi-annual balanced budjet to do so?

    hilltoppers might play gators in '07

    western kentucky university is in discussions to play its 2007 football season opener at florida on sept. 1.

    officially, the gators are set to open 2007 against central florida, but the golden knights are looking to opt out of the game. wku, florida and central florida athletic officials confirmed the talks but added that no contract has been signed.

    wku will be in the first of two transition seasons next year as the school upgrades to ncaa division i-a football.

    "we're helping another institution which is trying to make things happen on their schedule," western athletic director wood selig said. "we might help ourselves with another scheduling partner by stepping in on the florida contract. we have a lot of scheduling flexibility."

    central florida spokesman joe hornstein said the game against florida was scheduled "many" years ago and that the golden knights are seeking a more "balanced schedule."

    he pointed out that central florida will face texas at home to open its new 45,000-seat stadium in september.

    western will count as a i-aa opponent next season because it's the first transition year.

    selig declined to speculate on the payout from florida. the hilltoppers received $400,000 from georgia to play their 2006 season opener. they lost 48-12 in athens.

  5. I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving I wish I could be there with you all. Cant wait till Dec 2 to see everyone.

  6. James William - From that blurb on UCF, I read it as UCF being chicken about playing both us and Texas next year. I don't see how that makes it UF's fault.


  7. Fault is not really a consideration, the result is. If we would agree to home & home with teams it would open up a lot of doors, not just Div I-AA doors.

  8. CHRIST, will you be in Nazareth for ThanksG?

  9. No I wont be able to make it this year, maybe for christmas.

  10. Turkey Day is an American Holiday not religious. chrisT is exempt.

  11. Translation: "I am Lord of the Blog. I make the rules. No one comments on this blog except through me."

  12. Thanksgiving is also a Canadian holiday. :)

    But as far as I know, it is not on the Christian calendar.

  13. I actually do agree with some of the points in the Dodd and Binachi articles.
    "Champions put the hammer down. The Gators have let their opponents up. Champions have the killer instinct of a pack of pit bulls. The Gators have had the killer instinct of a pack of poodles."
    I am tired of letting teams back into the game. When Spurrier was coaching, we would score and score and not look back. (especialy after the '94 fiasco).

    As far as them ripping Urban. Meyer's timing was the worst. Didn't I hear criticism from some of those in our camp about Tubberville campaigning before the Arkansas loss. Yes, he was campaigning before the loss as I remember some of us saying that he should have spent less time politicing an more time getting prepared for the match with Arkansas.
    A part of me is hoping we don't go to Tempe for another embarasment, because the team we are fielding would get out-coached just like we did in the USC game.
    I am tired of the cute plays that seem to get us in trouble time and time again. We need to get off our asses and play to our level and not the competition. We should have been blowing a lot of the teams out on our schedule. It turns out that a lot of those teams were not as great as the preseason hype would have led us to believe.
    As much as I believe the SEC is the dominant conference, we also need to schedule better opponents than one of the worst Div I-AA teams. As Ted mentioned on Saturday, WCU was about as close to scheduling a High School team as we could have gotten. That game was an embarrasment to the Gator Nation and the only comfort I had was that we held them scoreless and a lot of our players who do not normally play did get some play time. One more note, thank God we didn't have to rely on Hetland.
    If we want to get undeniable respect, then we need to schedule quality non-conference opponents.

  14. Good stuff:

    The crowd of 23,308 at the Orange Bowl for the Boston College game was the smallest in Miami's 44 home games since Dec. 4, 1999.

    And Coker fired

  15. The fact that our offense is anemic is a fact. Throwing Urban Meyer under the bus with the reasons those guys give is dumb.

    Bianchi - "UVA beat FSU 30-0 in Tally, so if UF is a NCG team, they should beat them 50-0."


    Somehow I don't think FSU circled the date they played UVA on their calendars before the season began, not to mention these kids played against each other in H.S.


    Points to close wins and most importantly fails to realize that Urban Meyer did not just make a stance for the Gators in the NCG over Michigan.

    It is sad that you almost have to be unsportsmanlike and run up the score these days for your win to really be a win.

    Let's just beat FSU and then concentrate on Arkansas and fuck the BCS. We have the SEC and none of those other fags do. So I'm not concerned.

  16. Every time I drive by the stadium that hosts the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, I remind it that it will not be seeing the Gators.