Sunday, November 12, 2006

Random Post Pre Week # 12



  1. History on the "The Hand of God." and my reference (although Moss did not cheat) to "The Hand of Moss"

    Hand of God

  2. Looking at the BCS, the top 8 teams will all have to play one another in the next 3 weeks- Ohio/Michigan, USC/Notre Dame, Florida/Arkansas, Rutgers/West Virginia. It's almost like a play-off system this year, and since the BCS does factor in strength of schedule and strength of win, most likely this year the BCS will pick the best teams. It should also lead to some very fun football over the next few weeks.

  3. FSU-Florida kicks off at noon
    Democrat Staff Report

    FSU-Florida game to start at noon
    Florida State's regular season finale vs. in-state rival University of Florida will get under way at noon on Saturday, Nov. 25, it was announced today.

    The game will be televised on ABC. FSU, 5-5 going into Saturday's homecoming gave with Western Michigan, has a chance to claim the state championship with a win over Florida.

    The Seminoles defeated University of Miami in their season opener.

  4. Hopefully that will not be a very short day of college football for us.

  5. Ruth-Ann, that is a very interesting/cool point. Assuming Arkansas beats Miss St. it should play out in a very exciting way for college football fans.

    The NCAA is indeed actually in an 8-team playoff race right now. Look at the current BCS standings. All these teams play another in the top 8.

    1 Ohio State 1 2800 1.0000 1 1574 .9994 24 25 23 20 23 23 .930 3 .9765 1
    2 Michigan 2 2688 .9600 2 1513 .9606 25 24 25 25 25 25 1.000 1 .9735 2
    3 USC 3 2458 .8779 4 1373 .8717 21 22 22 23 21 20 .860 4 .8699 7
    4 Florida 4 2441 .8718 3 1381 .8768 22 20 21 21 18 18 .800 6 .8495 4
    5 Notre Dame 5 2267 .8096 5 1273 .8083 20 19 20 22 22 22 .840 5 .8193 9
    6 Rutgers 7 2024 .7229 8 1082 .6870 23 23 24 24 24 24 .950 2 .7866 13
    7 Arkansas 6 2234 .7979 6 1248 .7924 18 16 15 19 17 17 .680 9 .7567 11
    8 West Virginia 8 1864 .6657 7 1113 .7067 16 17 14 15 14 15 .600 11 .6575 10

  6. Go Ike!!!! TD for the bucs on a slant crossing route... that guy is fearless. They also have him returning punts. He is so $$$.

  7. Gollum said...
    If the stall is rocking dont come knocking
    11/14/2006 12:53:00 PM

    Hilarious! That's near your seats, isn't it?? How'd you miss it?

  8. SEC student tickets are cheap BUT there are only 1500 of them!!

    UF students can purchase tickets on Monday, Nov. 20 starting at 6 p.m. via the G.A.T.O.R.S. phone system. You MUST call (352) 384-3262 or 1-877-428-6747 to order!
    Student ticket pick-up is Nov. 27 – 30 at Gate 13 of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The cost is $35 per student ticket and the limit is 1 (one) per full-time UF student. There are 1,500 total tickets available.

    So far I have gotten 4 IDs for a total of 5 tickets (not including mine). I am still working on more but it is going to be a pain to get through. Chris, I can go with you to Shands to call next Monday.

  9. 2 hours and 20 blocks of walking barefooted later...

    Hide a house key somewhere so if you get locked out, you can get in your house.


  10. Emmit Smith won Dancing with the Stars!

  11. Peacock said...
    2 hours and 20 blocks of walking barefooted later...
    Hide a house key somewhere so if you get locked out, you can get in your house.
    11/15/2006 08:08:36 PM

    Did you take your medicine today?

  12. "The Lock Out"

    Got home from work yesterday, put my keys, cell phone and wallet on the table in the house, said sup to my roommate and went outside to mow the yard.

    Mowing yard, roommate comes out to leave to go to a play with his with gf.

    Finished mowing the yard like 30 min. later, took off my shoes on the porch and went to go inside and door was locked. He locked it on his way out with my keys and cell inside.

    I rent my house from my boss. They live like 5 blocks northeast of my house. I walked over there shirtless and barefoot to get the spare key. Not home.

    My friend who is married to my boss' daughter lives like 8 blocks west of my house, so that was my next option.

    Walked the 5 blocks back past my house and continued on the lonely walk to my friends house who I knew wasn't gonna be home. It began to rain while I was walking.

    Got to there house and they weren't home. Went around back and miraculously the garage door was open and also the door to their house through the garage.

    Went inside, let their dogs out of the crate, whom I know so they didn't attack me, let them out to pee.

    They have no house phone, so my only option was the internet. I got on AOL IM and randomly picked out one of her buddies and said "Yo." She answered back and I said "It's Jeff Peacock." I did not know who I was talking to but she knew me and told me who she was and it turns out I knew her.

    I told her to call Brian and Jenny to let them know that I was in their house so I wouldn't have the police arrive. Turns out they were both in the hospital with food poisoning. So now I had to have this girl call my roommate to come back and pick me up.

    He was like 45 minutes away from my house. Blah. So now I got online with my gf and was just gonna have her pick me up and go back to my house later that night when my roommate got back. A bit later, Jenny got home and I explained the situation. Fortunately she was drugged from being in the hospital, so she wasn't even phased by me being in her house.

    Her brother lived in the house before me and she knew there was a way to get in through opening the back window and unlocking the back door.

    She drove me back to my house and I was able to unlock the door through the window and get in.


    As I said, keep a key somewhere hidden!!!