Saturday, November 25, 2006

FSU Post Game

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  1. I'll take the W in Tallahassee no matter how ugly.

    First thing, I hope Percy is o.k., and not just for the Gators football. Initial reports sound like he is mobile and walking around which is good.

    Very anemic offense. Our play calling is very terrible. Chris Hetland - are you serious???

    Overall, an average game at best. Hostile territory yes, but 1 first down in the third quarter??? Nice INT by Tremaine, but running it out and getting tackled at the 1 - pfft!!!

    Regardless, kudos to the Gators for going 11-1!!!

    We get our act together a bit and we should take care of Arkansas, although they look better than us at present, even despite their lack of a passing game.

    Go Gators!!!

  2. Wilbur punting - $, especially the last one that pinned them on thier one!!!

  3. Great post-game BCMess quotes:

    "Here's our style: You got at Tennessee, you've got Kentucky, you've got Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Auburn and at Tallahassee," Meyer said, recalling much of Florida's schedule. "So much for style. You want to put that one against anyone in the country, let's go ahead and go.

    "If that's what's making decisions, then I'm going to stand by my comment from a week ago. Implode it. It's over. If that's what's making the decisions -- style points, which I imagine that's what it is -- we've got a problem. It's called winning and losing and playing a difficult schedule."

    Yahoo! article

  4. Agree with all your points Peaock. Regarding Percy I found myself worrying more about him than about the game. I'm glad he is ok. I hear he jogged out of the tunnel near the end of the game. He had an MRI, so I hope it comes back ok.

    Will write more later...

  5. Being at the game, our offense didn't look that bad to me, the stupid penalites stopped a lot of drives in the 1st half and we need a new field goal kicker. Our defense looked great in 1st half. I think we should all forget the 3rd quarter- it was horrible, I think the team may have been more concerned with Percy than with the game at that point.

    Lots of Gators at the game, and lots of quiet Seminoles (except in 3rd quarter- they actually got a little noisy). But stadium definitly not sold out, we probably had more people last week for Western Carolina.

  6. Thanks for the report Ruth-Ann. I can't even imagine a Florida vs. ref$u game not selling out in The Swamp. They are lame.

    Yes, I do think Percy's situation had an impact on our team. Andre Caldwell said they were "devestated".

    Regarding the 3rd quarter, our field position was just terrible. It all started with the muffed kickoff by Brandon James that put us near the 10 to start the second half. Then the INT return to the 1 that The Peacock mentioned. I certainly didn't like a true freshman QB in the shotgun in the endzone. We are lucky we didn't get a safety there. I guess we were trying to set up the 2nd down pass that was just too high for Dallas Baker.

    Speaking of the Tebow package, we need to have an audible if the D lines up 10 in the box when Tebow comes in. A simple audible to a sweep or option would be fine.

  7. Urban Meyer Show Recap:

    No editorials on BCS, etc...

    "FSU wanted a street fight in Tallahassee, so go give it to them." - Meyer pre-game locker room.

    Meyer was talking about how Donovan came to speak to them earlier in the year and said that there was 107 days left until the SEC Championship Game and that that was their goal. Meyer said that now it's only six days away and they are excited about it.

    Hubert had some funny pre-meditated comment to the extent of "Leak to Baker for the Gamebreaker and the Gator D put FSU in a full-Nelson."


    Go Gators!!!

  8. I hear Meyer also alluded to Caldwell being a Gator next year twice.

  9. Yes, lobbying on Meyer's part.

    He also said that you were kicking next game James William. What will you be doing with your ticket?

  10. I'll give it to Chris Hetland.

  11. Also... Congrats to Chris Leak!!! He was 7 for 8 on that key drive in the 4th and we converted multiple 3rd downs. He had ice in his veins on that drive. Good for him! Reading the articles it appears he really took the reins too.

    "I told coach on the sideline, 'Let's open it up. Let me pick them apart,' " Leak said.

  12. How'd we EVER lose a game when we had Reggie Freakin Nelson?? He lit up that fullback, broke up several huge passes, had that great pic (don't know how the heck he closed on that one), saved a TD (they ended up scoring anyway unfortunately), and I'm sure was in the thoughts and minds of the WRs that dropped balls.

    RFN is the stuff of Gator lore. Only 2 more games...

  13. Leak opened the game like 7 of 9 too. Good start and end, not so hot middle.

    I really have to question our offensive coordinator's calls. Running up the middle when it don't work and cute end arounds when we are on a solid drive. QB switches were better, yet still not great.

  14. if I get a chance to email them