Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vandy Pre Game

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  1. As long as I have Sat. off I will be there. I only live about 45 min for Nashville so if any one is coming up let me know so we can make plans, if not I will represent for everyone cause that what I do hope to see someone up here.

  2. Represent for me my friend, as I will be in Naples watching on the tremendous network that is known as Lincoln-Financial.

  3. Not to be cocky, but honestly, we should not even have to turn on our TVs or attend these next 4 games.

    We are hands-down better than all of the teams we still have to play. The staff and players show this or we don't deserve to be mentioned.

    I don't care about SOS and South Carolina playing well.

    1) They have 3 losses

    2) The game is in Gainesville

    3) We lost to them last year

    If we don't win the SEC East and go on to beat Directional School and FSU, it will be a very tough pill to swallow because it will mean that we beat ourselves, which I can't tolerate.

    We finish the regular season 11-1 and that is all I have to say.

  4. Chris, I'm glad you are representing. Your efforts will ensure that the TaleG8rs represent at EVERY game this year! Very cool.

    How far is Nashville from Atlanta... maybe my Dad will join you?

  5. I would say about 4-5 hrs at the most i will check on that and let him know.

  6. Chris, do you have a digital camera?

  7. In day two of the kicking competition between Eric Nappy, Chris Hetland and Jonathon Phillips, Meyer said that Hetland still has a hold on his job.

    "He's not beat out yet," said Meyer. "We're going to go one more day tomorrow and then it's decision time."

    Asked if he's pulling for Hetland, who is in a 1-7 slump kicking field goals, Meyer said, "Darn right I am. I pull for a lot of players. I pull for Nappy. He's a senior. I pull for guys vested in the program and both those

  8. Should he stick with Hetland, and I can't be upset with him, cuz if the other guys can't step up..., it is a good thing this next game is an away game or the boo birds would be heard from Ocala.

  9. With our offense we should not need a kicker besides PATs.

  10. Yes I do have a digital camera, I will make sure to bring it with me and to take lots of pic. I also start Air Assualt school tomorrow so hopefully in two weeks I will be qualified to jump out of choppers wish me luck cause i will need it

  11. Good, take lots of photos then for the blog.

  12. Gville Sun on Tebow's expanding role.

    Note the quote from Meyer:
    "There are two issues to deal with. Flow of the game and flow without quarterback (Leak)," Meyer said. "You never want a quarterback looking over his shoulder. I don't believe (Leak) is, but that's just me.

    He's said this several times. Seems as if he does not want Tebow to outshine Leak and cause a confidence problem.