Sunday, October 29, 2006

Georgia Post Game

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  1. Where to i start... Once again the offense was shut out in the second half. We started out 2 for 2 on thrid down conversions and went 2 of 12 the rest of the game. For some reason this team is unable to put a game away. Good thing that Georgia is not a good team, cause it would have been another loss like the Auburn game. The defense had another great game getting 4 TO and holding Georgia to 200 yards. But we did get the W and that is all the matter I just wish we could put a full game together. Also in other news Gators move up to number 4 in the BCS rankings.

  2. You are right on the $ Chris. I like your 3rd down stats... very revealing.

  3. From a poster on GatorCountry:

    165 1st down plays in SEC play.

    105 runs

    60 passes.

    we average 5.6 YPC on 1st.
    19 times we ran for 10+ yards.

    36/ 105 times we ran for less than 3 yards leaving us 2nd and long.
    36/105 = 35% of the time we are in 2nd and long when running on 1st down.

    165 1st down plays

    60 pass plays

    35/60 times we throw a completion = 59%

    we average 13 yards per completion on 1st down.

    22/60 passes go for 10+ yards = 37%,

    4/10 of our SEC pass TDs have come on 1st down

    25/60 times it is incomplete = 41% of the time we throw on 1st down we are left with a 2nd and long.

    to review:

    when we run on 1st down.... 35% of the time we end up at 2nd and 8 or more.
    .......18% of the time we bust one for 10+ yards
    .......we average 5.6 ypc

    when we pass on 1st down ....41 % of the time we end up at 2nd and 10.
    ......37% of the time we bust one for 10+ yards.
    ......we average 7.6 yards per 1st down pass attempt
    .....we average 13 yards per pass completion.

    should we pass more than 35% of the time on 1st down?

  4. 2nd down stats:

    113 2nd down plays

    68/113 runs =...61%
    45/113 pass = ..39%

    of the 68 times we run on 2nd down:
    .....18 get the 1st down = 25% of the time we run on 2nd we pik up the 1st down on that run.

    ....42 of the 68 runs leave us in 3rd and 3 or more ...............= 62% of the time we run on 2nd down we are left with 3rd down and medium to long yardage to get the 1st down.

    of the 45 times we throw on 2nd down:
    ...29/45 are completed....= 65%!!!!!
    ....22/45 are completed for a 1st down = 49% of the time we throw a pass on 2nd down it is a completion to extend a drive
    ...we average 10.3 yards per attempt on 2nd down
    ...we average 16 yards per completion.
    ...we have thrown 5 of our 10 TD passes on 2nd down
    ....35% of the time we throw on second it is incomplete and we are left with 3rd and 3 or more.

    ..we have been sacked one time on second down.

  5. someone has too much time on their hands

  6. So what does that mean we should do, throw the ball more, thats what i got out of it

  7. completion % by down:

    1st 59%...37% of attempts go for 10+ yards
    ......avg per completiom 13 yards

    2nd..65%....49% of attempts go for a 1st down
    ........avg per completion 16 yards

    3rd 46%........27% of which convert the 3rd....6 sacks 2 picks
    ........average per completion 7 yards.

  8. In my opinion it shows that maybe we should throw a little more on 1st down, but we should throw it a lot more on 2nd down.

  9. Coach Meyer always refers to the offense "staying on schedule". I think our run/pass ratio is reflective of this strategy. As I interpret it, "staying on schedule" means gaining 4 yards on every down.

    -- If on first down we gain only 1 then we are not on schedule
    -- If on the ensuing second down we gain 7 then we are back on schedule

    I think Meyer has also looked at the stats and if we look at the "to review" numbers from the post above a little differently one can see why maybe Meyer is more comfortable with a 1st down run.

    * when we run on 1st down.... 65% of the time we end up at better than 2nd and 8.
    * when we pass on 1st down ....59% of the time we end up at better than 2nd and 10.

    By these numbers it appears we are most likely to "stay on schedule" by running on 1st down. I still would prefer to see us pass a little more on first and especially second down.

  10. I am a stat freak, but I don't think you can read into these stats accurately.

    1) We have 2 QBs
    2) We are still adjusting the offense around these two QBs.
    3) We are changing our offense with Tebow calling more plays.

    Basically all of those stats are just that stats. I don't think you can read anything out of them due to the fact that we have 2 QBs with totally different schemes.

    It's apples and oranges mixed together - Orangples.