Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random Posts Pre Week #7



  1. Mike Peterson will miss the rest of the season for the Jags due to a spraine pectoral muscle in last night's game.


    Other Gator NFL news - Gaffney picked up by Patriots due to Chad Jackson's nagging hamstring problems. Gaffney was traded from Houston to Philly in the offseason, but did not make the team's final roster cut.

    Also, Rex is still a stud.

  2. Peterson to have surgery.

    Rex indeed is a stud. It was awesome to hear him on College Gameday talk about Leak & Tebow.

  3. Chris Leak's chances of winning the Heisman in our 2x QB rotation is about as good as Eva Longoria asking me out.

    Let's just vote for him to keep his poise. I'll take that.

  4. Let's face it, Chris Leak's chances of winning the Heisman are MUCH BETTER than your chances of ever being asked out by Eva Longoria.

  5. Jasser wrote the eva longoria response comment

  6. oh yeah, cursed non-gender specific names. Actually we have a few of them.


  7. And I know James William saw that and just laughed. Ha.

  8. Why was the comment of the week removed? it is even funnier coming from Jaime than from Mulford. Plus Jaime's name isn't even his screen name, how do you confuse shiregator with Jaime:)

  9. In case you are confused about the sub header, it looks as if I will be having to put my dog Stanley to sleep on Monday or so because the cancer is starting to get to him.

    Some tough times for me and James has really been a rock for me on that subject. It brang a smile to my face this morning to see that sub header that James chose.

    Yeah, the Gators are all of our pride and joy, but the health and wellness of our friends and families really does the binding.

    Anyway, thanks James and Go Gators.

  10. How is Bruce a girl/boy name?

  11. You MUST watch SOS rip his secondary coach at the post-game press conference.

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your dog Peacock. Loss definitely puts the important things in perspective. It makes the things that bring us joy even more important.

  13. I've been reading some of my fellow colleagues' comments about who's this and who's that at the midseason turn.

    So I figured what the heck, let's talk about some of the things that have made an impact as we enter Week 7.

    Player of the Year
    Troy Smith, QB, Ohio State:Here's a guy who I thought would be a top contender for the Heisman. Yet, how many of us expected he'd be this good without running very often? Not me. Smith is a QB, he's not an athlete and he's not a gamer. Smith is a leader and extremely careful with the football. No surprise the Buckeyes are the No. 1 team in the country.
    Garrett Wolfe, RB, Northern Illinois: Not even sure I know how to spell his name correctly. But that isn't a knock on his ability. It's a testimony to not being able to see the guy play that often. And I'm in the business of watching everybody. From this point on in the season, you'll hear me downplay Wolfe's chances of winning the Heisman. And it won't be because he doesn't have enough yards, either. Wolfe's at nearly 1,400 now and I truly hope he nails 3,000 yards. But as long as I've been in this business, I've always maintained that the Heisman goes to a player who's had to week in and week out play against great competition -- the other "best" players in the country. Could Wolfe handle that challenge? Probably, but he's not because of where he plays.

    Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE
    Florida coach Urban Meyer is worthy of some midseason recognition.John David Booty, QB, USC: No way Booty's supposed to be able to walk on the field and from the get-go be a stud. I mean, he's replaced a couple of Heisman winners and he's the QB of the USC Trojans. But Booty's handled this team as if he's been the leader for two years. Booty has poise, he has a strong arm, he is a good decision maker and the Trojans are still unbeaten. I will not be surprised if Booty wins the Heisman before he leaves USC.

    Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia: He is quietly rushing along at 6.9 yards per carry and has 768 yards. I've said it before and will say it again: Slaton's a 2,000-yard rusher if he gets enough carries.

    Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers: What a team to follow. Rice has 11 TDs and over 800 yards to help bolster one of the great stories in football to this point. Rutgers is a Top 25 team and that's in no small part because of Rice. I'd like to throw props to Rice's backfield mate, Brian Leonard, too. Leonard was supposed to be the Heisman guy, but things have gone a little differently. Don't worry about respect, Brian, we know what you mean to that team, too.

    Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma: A warrior on a team that's just a little shy of being really good. Peterson's the targeted man and still gives his heart and soul on every carry. It's fun to watch him play. No chest thumpin', no fist throwin', no grandstanding by Peterson. He just plays the game hard and well.

    Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee: All he's done is throw 14 TDs and only five interceptions. How 'bout leading a team into Georgia Saturday and puttin' up over 50 points? Tennessee is back on track and Ainge is a major reason for the Vols' success.

    Chris Leak, QB, Florida: Way to go, Chris! Keep on leading your team to wins and accepting your new QB pal Tim Tebow. Leak's had to deal with lots of pressure from fans about Tebow this and Tebow that. But Leak's still throwing the ball well and leading his team to wins. I admire Leak for how he's handling a tough situation.

    Colt McCoy, QB, Texas: No doubt this young man has passed my expectations. He's thrown 12 TD passes and has only two interceptions. I absolutely didn't think he'd handle the pressure as well as he has. Nothing against McCoy, but reality is that most freshmen struggle and have a learning curve. The Longhorns are still a title contender in part because of how McCoy's playing. Of course, that big ol' offensive line doesn't hurt up front, either.

    Nate Longshore, QB, California: Hello darlin', has this guy shot up the charts or what? Jeff Tedford said a few weeks ago he'd found his QB and he wasn't kiddin'. Longshore's got 17 TD passes to only five picks. Think the Trojans of USC aren't aware of what's going on at Cal?

    And the winner is ... Troy Smith.

    Team of the Year
    Arkansas Razorbacks: How many Hogs fans out there expected Houston Nutt to have survived this long? Not many. And not only has he survived, but he is in the lead of the SEC West. A really good story about perseverance and not giving up by Nutt and his team. Now, they've got to maintain what they've earned.
    Rutgers Scarlet Knights: It's been a long time since Rutgers got this much pub … uh, I should say positive publicity. Coach Greg Schiano stayed the course and his team is playing good football. Again, another reason why I love college football. You never know which team will snag Cinderella's slipper and run with it.

    Florida Gators: Nobody else has had to deal with the mental and physical challenges of the Gators. At this pace, the Gators and their fans will all need a really long vacation after the season. Talk about stress.

    And the winner is … Florida.

    Coach of the Year
    Greg Schiano, Rutgers: Unbeaten and giving fans of Rutgers something to be proud of.
    Phil Fulmer, Tennessee: Not only has he rebounded from the defeat against Florida, but he has UT flyin' after a rout of Georgia.

    Urban Meyer, Florida: Jugglin' QBs and keeping the whole team focused.

    Houston Nutt, Arkansas: Never mind what the "experts" think. Just coach 'em up and knock out the No. 2 team in the country.

    Rich Rodriguez, West Virginia: Mum's the word by this CEO regarding the Mountaineers' drop in the polls. He's tellin' the team to keep winning.

    Lloyd Carr, Michigan: He's gone from the hot seat to a lounge chair. At least until he loses again.

    And the winner is ... Urban Meyer.

    In closing, the funny thing about this midseason report is that over the next few weeks these players/teams/coaches could all fall apart and be replaced with somebody else. I can't wait to see who drops off the radar and who replaces them. It's gonna be a rat race to Thanksgiving.

    Craig James is a college football analyst for ABC Sports and ESPN.

  14. Peacock this is an insider article that not everyone could read by a link

  15. 29-26: The 10 most penalized teams in America (based on penalties per game) are a combined 29-26. In other words, the teams with the most penalties are doing better than the teams with the fewest penalties.

    The bottom 10 includes not only the undefeated Mountaineers, but also undefeated Florida, which, as it turns out, is the most penalized team in the country.

    That needs to stop.

  16. I tell you, I guess it might just have been cuz Spurrier was our coach and I just wasn't paying attention, but geez, that guy has some attention issues. Can I get some tics and random glares and jibber jabber with that?

    Obviously he was very mad and that affects body language, but damn, he needs some of my meds.

    From that video, that program seems to be a debacle. We better bring the house vs. them.

  17. Didn't you find the video hilarious though? That secondary coach must have adjusted his tie and pants about 15 times each! It looked like an Abbott & Costello comedy routine.

  18. Nice posts Chris. Thanks!

    Yes, too many penalties Bruce. Meyer agrees with you and said they will be corrected. We shall see.

  19. I felt pretty bad for that secondary coach...and there is something to be said for celebrating/enjoying a victory!!

  20. Pretty funny. You can tell that SOS really wanted to say more and was trying to hold back a lot of comments.

    Some funny player comments, as stated by SOS.

    "I didn't see the ball coach" - Commenting on the cover guy who was all over the UK player in the end zone who caught a TD pass.

    "Man, I had that 10 yard out covered though" - USC player comment about a UK receiver who got past the USC cornerback and made a long reception.

    SOS is just frustrated because of the talen level he is working with. I mean, 4th and 2 and all special teams players drop back to block for the punt returner. Correct me if I am wrong, but these are just basics.

    It is just a matter of time. Spurrier will be getting more and more talent and he will make that USC team a real tough opponent in the SEC east.

  21. I like this one too...

    "We had to punt twice because the officials gave us some nice penalties that no one in the ball park could see. But I I'm sure... that we committed those.

  22. That is classic Spurrier and one of the reasons I liked him. He didn't give a figgity F@%$ about who he might offend.

  23. I'm sailing away ... set an open course for the virgin seeee....

  24. Another insider article:

    Gators succeeding with two QBsposted: Friday, October 13, 2006 | Feedback | Print Entry

    In only his second season, Urban Meyer essentially has Florida within two victories of winning the SEC's East Division and possibly playing in the BCS title game.

    Two weeks ago, I would have told you the No. 2 Gators' schedule was simply too tough. They're unbeaten halfway through it, though, and face two more big obstacles -- at No. 11 Auburn on Saturday and against No. 16 Georgia in Jacksonville on Oct. 28.

    Get through the next two games, and it should be smooth sailing for the Gators. After playing Georgia, which has lost to Florida in 14 of the last 16 seasons and is really struggling on offense, the Gators play at Vanderbilt, at home against South Carolina (and former coach Steve Spurrier) and Division I-AA Western Carolina, and then finish the season at reeling Florida State.

    Coming into the season, I didn't think the Gators would be good enough on the offense line and wasn't sure they would be able to run the football effectively.

    But Florida has addressed those concerns. And freshman quarterback Tim Tebow is a big reason why. The 6-foot-3, 230-pound native of Jacksonville, Fla., is second on the team with 228 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

    When senior tailback DeShawn Wynn missed last week's 23-10 win over LSU, Tebow saw even more action.

    When I spoke to Meyer at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., back in August, I asked him about the possibility of the Gators playing two quarterbacks this season.

    "That's not going to happen," Meyer told me.

    But between then and now, I think Meyer realized Tebow could bring a toughness that his offense might have been missing. Tebow isn't afraid to lower his shoulder and run over defenders. Just ask LSU safety LaRon Landry, one of the country's best defensive backs, who couldn't corral Tebow in last week's game.

    "Now it's just how things are going," Meyer said, of how he decides when to rotate Tebow and senior Chris Leak. "Do we need to create some run game? A tailback dropped a ball on the first drive [against LSU] so now whose going to run the football for us? Let's get [Tebow] in the game."

    Leak, who is playing well enough right now to be considered a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate, deserves a lot of credit. He ranks 13th in Division I-A in pass efficiency, completing 64.7 percent of his passes for 1,395 yards with 14 touchdowns and five interceptions.

    Leak's production would be a lot better if he didn't come out of the game when the Gators get close to the end zone. That is becoming Tebow Time.

    Leak hasn't moaned or whined about giving the football to a freshman near the goal line. And Florida is a better football team because of his unselfishness.

    "It creates a lot of problems," Gators linebacker Brandon Siler said of his team's two-quarterback system. "It's like game planning for two whole different teams. You have two totally different styles that complement one another. It's like playing two whole different teams. It's going real well for us right now."

    If it stays that way, Meyer deserves a lot of credit because other coaches have failed miserably in trying to play two quarterbacks.