Sunday, October 08, 2006

LSU Post Game

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  1. Big plays, big win.

    Defense and Special Teams carried us. Great field position throughout and Wilbur flipped field position on LSU tremendously.

    Great coaching of when to use Leak and when to use Tebow. Only downfall I see here is that we need to have Tebow ready to go in at all times. We had to burn two time outs early in the game cuz he wasn't ready to go in.

    Reggie Nelson - Stud.

    Coaching - Pop Pass and other Tebow TD pass!!!

    Leak - good poise despite mediocre numbers.

    We seem to be able to get by without a true RB due to the presence of Tebow, which will only get better once Wynn returns (if he returns in his Tennessee performance form)

    A safety, a blocked punt, lots of forced turnovers - that and Tebow's will gave us a huge win.

    Go Gators!!!

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  3. Peacock's Hall of Shame moment:

    LSU rushes to our 1-yard line. The play is reviewed to see if it was a TD. Play stands as called. Ball is on 1-yard line and it's 2 and goal.

    Peacock: This is only delaying the inevitable. Just give them the damn TD and let's move on with it.

    Rich: Don't ever give up. They could fumble it or something.

    Peacock: Yeah fuc&ing right. Give them the TD already.

    *Ball is snapped, fumbled and recovered on the one by the Gators.*

    Rich: See, Peacock, don't you ever give up. (Shaking Peacock violently)

    Peacock: Wow!!! I'll crawl into my hole now.



  4. “It was a very good day for us against as talented a team as I can ever remember coaching against. Excellent football game, very hard-hitting, very physical game.”...Coah Urban Meyer

    Coop... Coop... Coop

  5. “I don’t think the better team won the game,” LSU safety Jessie Daniels said after Saturday’s loss. “They played a great game defensively, but we weren’t on the same page with our defense. There were a lot of miscommunications, which led to some breakdowns.”


    And exactly what message did defensive coordinator Bo Pellini fail to properly convey when Florida quarterback Tim Tebow knocked you three yards backward in your first meeting? Jesse, that was as classic a hit and run as you’ll get when a true freshman quarterback meets a pre-season second team All-Southeastern Conference strong safety. Did you even get his tag number? You met


  6. That pic of me sleeping in the hammock is so my new background. The one sans drool.

  7. Great article James. However, what up with the error on Jessie and Jesse?

    Another non-gender specific name. I shall give him a bye on that error as that should be an exempt literary error.

  8. Why does Bruce look like he has white frosting on his forehead in that top picture in the trailor?