Sunday, October 29, 2006

Random Posts Pre Week #10



  1. So... no one is going to wish me a happy birthday???

  2. nope. Only a thanks for letting me use your ID when you moved to Dallas - GUY!!!

  3. Two gators scored touchdowns monday night for the Pats. Caldwell and Jackson.

  4. When Rex Grossman signed with the Bears in 2003, he spent his bonus on a $125,000 Mercedes-Benz CL55.
    Then the unexpected happened: He got injured. And re-injured. And injured again.

    The performance bonuses stopped, and the quarterback couldn't afford the car payments. He sold it to a teammate for Blue Book price.

  5. Either I am wrong, or my first attempt on that link resulted in that link sucking.

    I did Air Force and Florida.

    Didn't Air Force play Tenn. who obviously played us?

    It said no victory chain found.

  6. ChrisT - Jumping out of choppers?! From how high?

  7. You did it backwards you moron.

    Victory chain from Florida to Air Force for 2006

    Florida beat
    Tennessee who beat
    Air Force

  8. Note the slip in SOS's quote on Vandy:

    "One problem they have is they play better on the road," Spurrier said. "They just can't seem to get their fans to come out. It's so quiet there. I kept telling our players that they just had their biggest win (over Georgia) in 30 years so it's going to be loud. But we had more fans in the stands during warm-ups and more fans at the end of the game. It kind of reminded me of the Gator days when the only ones left were our fans.

  9. The spot that had to be pulled by the Worldwide Leader after massive complaints by the UT faithful.

    Corso Rocky Top

  10. That WVU vs. Louisville game last night was what college football is all about. Yes no defenses, but man that game was electric.

    I know the Big East is the Big Least most of the time, but beyond them not having a conference championship game, this year I have to say they are nothing to mock.

    If we run the table and win the SEC Championship Game and Louisville runs the table and ends the regular season with no losses, I cannot be upset if Louisville gets to the National Championship Game over us.

    We have failed to look impressive in games even vs. patsies. Right now our BCS CPU ranking is high, but these next few games are gonna bring that down, especially playing a I-AA team.

    It almost boils down to looking back at how Auburn got screwed in '03. It is time for us to not only win, but win with style points for the voters.

    That game was very impressive and you will see Louisville take WVU's place in the BCS #3 slot, rightfully so. We will have to be big fans of Rutgers next Thurs.

    Flippin 2nd half vs. Auburn might have killed our national championship dreams. That being said, I can't be upset with a trip to the SEC Championship and a W there.

    May the Great Gator gods be with us!!!

  11. That WVU vs. Louisville game last night was about lack of defense!

  12. I don't think the BCS factors in with Div I-AA oppenents.

    I'm not really into all the BCS possibilities yet. I'm kinda more into our offense and watching our SEC season play out. The BCS is something I dwell on in December.

  13. Blog Participation Grade Pre Week # 10: D

    Besides the ping pong game that is Peacock vs. Mulford:

    ChrisT - 5 posts
    Ruth Ann - 2 posts
    Bruce - 1 post

    All others - Boo!!!