Sunday, October 08, 2006

Auburn Pre-Game

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  1. The game will be featured on ESPN "Full Circle." It also appears that Gameday will be in Auburn this weekend.

    Can anyone confirm this besides the blurb in the following article?

    Part of me is excited about Gameday being there and part of me not. I was all pissed about Ohio State being on three times out of the first 5 weeks and now it's the Gator show. Not that I mind, but I can't say so without being hypocritical. However, I will take the Gators on every week and be hypocritcal with no problem.

    ESPN Complete Coverage of Florida vs. Auburn

  2. Why is it that the articles never point out who the first team was to hand more than 50 on UGA at Sanford Stadium?
    1995 - UF 52 - UGA 17

  3. The gameday crew will definitely be in Auburn, AL on Saturday.

  4. From an blurb:

    Contrary to what one national columnist would have you believe, Meyer isn't using Tebow to "show off" -- he's using him because the backup quarterback happens to be his best available running back. Who would you feel more confidence in to pick up the tough three yards, Tebow or Kestahn Moore?

  5. Rich they did in Tampa Tribune

  6. How does Harvin go from 90-95 last week to 85-90 this week?? Reality or is he really 100? A high ankle sprain is harder to get over so I tend to think reality.

    Meyer: “(Harvin)’s told me (he’s) 85 to 90 (percent healthy). We have to have him. This game, we have to.”

  7. I want to thank everyone for their continued support through this trying time for me.

    As for college football, Go Gators!!!

    All of you who are making the trip, have a blast!!!

  8. Doesnt look like I got a ticket for the game. Plus i fly to DC early on Sun. So will see everyone at the FSU game and if not there hopefully Dec 2 in Atlanta. Have Fun Saturday.

  9. SWEET!
    It appears the Gators will be at full offensive strength for Saturday night's game at No. 11 Auburn.

    Starting tailback DeShawn Wynn and true freshman wide receiver Percy Harvin both practiced Thursday and are scheduled to play against the Tigers, UF coach Urban Meyer said.