Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Tailgate

Misc. comments.


  1. Disclaimer: This is a Peacock opinion/comment only:

    I am very very happy with how our tailgate has gone this year. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that comes into play as well as game day and I am very happy with everyone's selfless efforts. I really think this has been one of our best tailgate years that we have had as a group. It is awesome to have the experience that we do and enhances the games tremendously.

    Great job everyone!!!

    This blog has helped organize things greatly and I'm glad everyone is participating. We have been near flawless with gameday organization.

    It is so great how everyone is contributing week-to-week and if guests are brought, there is contribution there too which is awesome.

    All of this being said, I know that there is room for improvement. I didn't say the above to put icing on the below.

    I don't know what monetary contributions have been made by our core group, but I would like to see at least $25 not exceeding $50 given to Rich/Chris/Jamie/? for the $ that they have to front to upkeep the trailer each year. There is tag renewal, storage at Chris', SUV needs, gas consumed to just get the trailor off the ground. Not to mention, I know we can all contribute to continue to offset the original purchase of the trailor and materials.


    There is nothing that has prompted me to make this post and I am not trying to point anyone out without naming specifics.

    Really, I am just very happy with what we have and want to ensure that we only continue to enhance our current layout.

    Basically this is a random post, looking at what has happened and toward the future, but again, a huge kudos all around to what has been a tremendous tailgate year.

    Any opinions, positive or negative, please post.

  2. The monetary suggestions that I posted would begin/continue in 2007.

  3. I completely agree with The Peacock regarding our tailgate success this year. Unbelievable!

    I can only speak for myself regarding The Peacock's $ donation suggestion... you can take my name out of that hat. I feel that I am not able to contribute as much as I would like since most often I am in and out quickly and unable to go to the grocery for supplies. I'm sure most of you realize what those Saturdays mean to me and it wouldn't be the same without the TaleG8rs group. My investment into the tailgate is dwarfed by my return.

    As for Rich/Chris/Ruth-Ann they can speak for themselves. I do agree that they contribute (both $ and time) in excess of the rest of us.

    This blog has indeed helped us organize and distribute contributions. We've done a great job and everyone has contributed wonderfully in my opinion. We do settle into our own niches of contribution, but that's great -- everyone seems to contribute to their likeing and it is working out nicely.

    We have gone through some growing pains with all the new stuff we have added and with that comes more clean up and organization. Lately everyone has stepped up to the task and helped out. I encourage everyone to continue to do so. Ideally different people will contribute to cleanup every week. Everyone can't fit in the trailer to clean at once! Also, sometimes our schedules dictate who ends up cleaning up... like this weekend. Chris & Ruth-Ann were stuck with any residual cleanup as the rest of us were not in Gainesville on Sunday. Therefore for the South Carolina weekend they should not be involved in any trailer setup or cleanup.

    Again, the tailgate this season has been the best. The menus have been exceptional. We all add little things to our TaleG8rs trailer all the time. This blog helps us plan and remember our good times. Everyone has been attending consistently and bringing great friends along. For those of you who have joined me at tailgates at some of our away games (Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, etc.) remember how kindly we have been treated. Have we ever paid for a beer or a dog? Nope, no one will let us. Have we ever helped clean up? Nope, not at all. For those of you who haven't attended an away game tailgate I highly recommend it. This is what a good tailgate is all about... creating a fun environment in a place we all love to hang out and showing all our friends a great time! I think we've done that.

    Oh, and Go Gators!!!