Saturday, September 09, 2006

UCF Post-Game Analysis

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  1. Through 3 and a half quarters, that was one of the most complete and dominant performances that I have seen the Gators put on in a long long time. It was Spurrieresque. (I believe last year's FSU game was similarly dominant, but I was D-R-U-N-K, so can't comment with any accuracy)

    Our defense is just tremendous. The return of Marcus Thomas and Steven Harris is huge. We should have no problem stopping the run this year. Our corners are doing a tremendous job of coming up on the outside runs, as shown with Joiner's safety and other plays.

    Albeit, we shut UCF out cuz they were greedy bums on 4th down twice when they could have gotten 3, still a tremendous performance by the D.

    On offense, Leak was a monster. I have to give huge props to the O-Line. Leak had great protection and was not even really pressured that much. He even had a nice broken play run and a sweet QB draw. Props to the O-Line. Hopefully it was not just us playing UCF that made them look good.

    Percy Harvin - Friggin Amazing - Nuff said. Too bad a holding penalty negated his 55-yard scamper.

    All the receivers are $, including $ on downfield set blocks and screens. Ingram continues to impress in his transition to a receiver. I don't recall him lining up in a true TE position yet. I consider him another WR and not a TE.

    RBs better but still not dominant. Wynn held onto the ball and had some power runs up the gut. We have still not executed a HB toss. It's all up the gut and when we want to rush around the corners we go to the end-around with the speedy freshmen tandem of Havin and Fayson. I have to say, I think that works better than doing a "normal" RB rush off-tackle. Those guys have speed that can't be beat.

    Special teams so far is the only thing that has not improved. Nelson needs to learn how to fair catch and if we botch a snap on the PAT again, I'm gonna throw a knife at the TV. Also of note is that it was not Hetland who got that PAT blocked. It was Nappy. So at least Hetland is still solid.

    Tebow was again great, but his inexperience showed this game as he got substantially more playing time. Nothing tremendously bone-headed, but needs to take a hit for a loss every once in a while.

    Play calling was great. Moore had a sweet TD run with the Tebow misdirection too.

    Overall, I grade that game very high and don't really take into consideration that we scored just 8 pts. in the 2nd half with our backups.

    Feeling really good going into the Tenn. game. :)

  2. Not to be overlooked was Meyer's clock management at the end of the 1st half, resulting in 7 pts. for us!!!

    Wish we had him a few year ago when Tenn. scored a TD before the half in the Swamp and beat us under the throne of the Zookster.

    He lost huge to Rutgers this weekend. Sweet music!!!

  3. I have to say that this was one of the most fun Gator games I've watched in recent memory.

    Percy Harvin? Are you kidding me? That kid has the chance to be the best WR ever to come through The Swamp. He is a game breaker. I look forward to watching him in some big games.

    I have to agree about Joiner. Who was the last strong safety to have a game like that for us? I don't know if I know of one. Lawrence Wright maybe, but he always brought a mistake or two to the table along with his big plays (Joey Kent we're on our way to Rocky Top this week, lookout!).

    Leak was calm, cool, & collected. He was the QB that we thought he'd become. He looks very poised.

    I gotta agree with about everything the Peacock says. Concerning the running game I will add that though I've never been a fan of that hesitation option hand-off up the middle, I saw it blocked to perfection on Deshawn Wynn's TD. He had a wall on both sides of him and just scooted on in. If that's how it is supposed to look then I'll reconsider, but we'll see what happens with those plays against SEC D-Lines.

    I'm very optimistic, I think this team is showing the "2nd-year Urban Meyer" chemistry that was shown at both Bowling Green and Utah.

    Win or lose games the rest of the year, either way the Gators are exciting to watch again. Finally!!!

    Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I will agree that was a great game! Percy Harvin averaged 44 yards a carry on his 1st 3 possesions (of course one of these was negated by a penalty) but he will be amazing as long as he does not get too cocky. I was a little disappointed with our recievers, they missed a lot of very catchable passes in the first half, which may have not been as apparent on t.v. I'm excited to see what happens when we play a SEC opponent and hope Chirs Leak starts to get the respect he deserves.

  5. Ruth Ann hearts Chris Leak badly and not only as a QB. Chris S., I think you might be Chris 2.

  6. I do love Chris Leak and think he has had a rough time these last few years with 3 offensive schemes and I don't like all these Tebow fans who want him to start over Chris (Tebow will have 3 years of leading the team), so I will be very happy if Chris and his recievers shut up all those naysayers and break all kinds of records this year.

  7. I like how in Ruth Ann's post, she doesn't deny her man-crush on Chris Leak over her Real Chris.

    So Lonely

    Chris S. you'll always be #1 in my heart no matter what R.A. says.

    Not Gay,