Monday, September 11, 2006

Tennessee Pre-Game

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  1. To all those in our gang going up. REPRESENT!!! Have fun. You all should be walking out of that stadium after triple zeros with smiles on. Our team is very very very hungry!!!

  2. Some how the army did not fuck me over this weekend and i will be able to make the game, i look forward to seeing everyone that will be there.

  3. Sweet!! How long of a drive is it for you? What are your travel plans?

  4. Great quote!!!

    "We really want to go into somebody else's house and take their cheese. Make a sandwich in their kitchen."

    Tony Joiner

  5. Link? I'd like to read that whole article.

  6. Obviously it is from the Gainesville Sun, as you found out. Sorry for no source.

    As long as he doesn't take my Playstation, I'm cool :)

  7. 10 Things You Need To Know About
    Gators Vs. Vols
    By ANDY STAPLES The Tampa Tribune
    Published: Sep 12, 2006
    GAINESVILLE - The first thing you need to know about the rivalry is that the best quarterback doesn't always win (see story, Page 1).
    But there are nine other factors that have influenced the series since the Southeastern Conference split into divisions prior to the 1992 season.
    Here are items No. 2 through 9:
    2. The stakes are huge. The winner of this game has represented the eastern division in nine of 14 SEC title games. Former Florida coach Steve Spurrier beat the Vols seven times between 1993 and 2000, and the Gators made the title game six of those years. Only twice - Florida in 1992 and Tennessee in 1997 - has the loser won the east.
    3. The officials may decide the game. Anyone with serviceable vision knows Florida's Jabar Gaffney dropped a pass in the end zone near the end of the Gators' 27-23 win in 2000, but side judge Al Matthews didn't see it that way. His opinion was the only one that counted. In 2004, officials forgot to wind the clock after a personal foul penalty on Florida receiver Dallas Baker. Had the clock started, Tennessee never would have had time to drive for James Wilhoit's game-winning field goal.
    4. The game may come down to a kick. Wilhoit banged a 50-yarder to win the 2004 game. Florida's Collins Cooper had a chance to prolong the 1998 game with a 32-yarder in overtime, but his kick sailed wide left. Fans stormed the field and later sunk the goal posts in the Tennessee River. The Vols went on to win the national title.
    5. The hits are vicious. A tackle by Tennessee linebacker Ryan Karl on a kickoff return broke the right leg of Florida receiver Andre Caldwell last season, but the signature hit of the series came 10 years earlier on a rainy day at Florida Field. Vols quarterback Peyton Manning rolled left and fired a pass toward receiver Joey Kent. Gators safety Lawrence Wright arrived at the same moment as the ball. Wright unloaded on Kent, causing the receiver to nearly bite off a piece of his own tongue. Video of the play is available on as part of a package of Florida highlights.
    6. To win, run the football. In 14 of the past 16 meetings, the team that has rushed for more yards has won. Only 2000 and 2002 - both Florida wins in Knoxville - have bucked the trend.
    7. Turnovers change everything. In 1997, Tony George picked off a Manning pass and returned it 89 yards for a touchdown. The ensuing roar may have set a Florida Field record for decibels, and the Gators cruised to a 33-20 win. The following year, Tennessee linebacker Al Wilson separated Florida's Terry Jackson from the ball on the goal line. The play kept the score manageable and allowed the Vols to force overtime.
    8. Weather may play a factor. Legend has it that rain fell on the field and nowhere else in Knoxville before the teams met in 1928. Sloppy conditions slowed down Florida's high-flying offense and may have cost the Gators a trip to the Rose Bowl. In 2002, Clausen and Vols center Scott Wells couldn't handle a rain-slicked ball and fumbled the snap on three consecutive plays.
    9. Someone will have a career game. Wilson did it all for the Vols in the 1998 game. A year later, Florida sophomore defensive end Alex Brown sacked Tee Martin five times and became an instant star. In 2001, Tennessee tailback Travis Stephens rushed for 226 yards as the Vols stunned the heavily favored Gators.
    10. Sometimes less is more. Tennessee's Pride of the Southland band plays "Rocky Top" - the best song ever written about getting your corn from a jar - several dozen times each game. Florida's Pride of the Sunshine band plays "We Are the Boys of Old Florida" only once, between the third and fourth quarters. Of course, jam-band Phish never covered "We Are the Boys."

  8. Shame on whoever left D. Jackson off this list, who has far far superior stats than Cedrick Wilson and Donte Stallworth. Pfft...

    Pro Day
    Both Florida and Tennessee have sent their share of players to the NFL. On this year's opening-day rosters there were 40 players from Tennessee and 35 from Florida. The 2001 classic alone included 47 players who are now on NFL rosters. You could put together a pretty sweet NFL starting lineup by combining the two groups of alumni.

    QB: Peyton Manning (Colts).
    RB: Fred Taylor (Jaguars).
    RB: Jamal Lewis (Ravens).
    WR: Cedrick Wilson (Steelers).
    WR: Donte Stallworth (Eagles).
    TE: Jason Witten (Cowboys).
    OL: Max Starks (Steelers).
    OL: Chad Clifton (Packers).
    OL: Zach Piller (Titans).
    OL: Fred Weary (Texans).
    OL: Cooper Carlisle (Broncos).
    DL: John Henderson (Jaguars).
    DL: Alex Brown (Bears).
    DL: Albert Haynesworth (Titans).
    DL: Jevon Kearse (Titans).
    LB: Al Wilson (Broncos).
    LB: Channing Crowder (Dolphins).
    LB: Mike Peterson (Jaguars).
    DB: Lito Sheppard (Eagles).
    DB: Keiwan Ratliff (Dolphins).
    DB: Gibril Wilson (Giants).
    DB: Marquand Manuel (Packers).

  9. and that was published in the Gainesville Sun, not an "objective" writer.

  10. Not to be picky but there are some mistakes to the players list Kearse is with the Eagles now, and Lito Sheapperd is with the Bengals. Thats all the input I got.

  11. Yes, Kearse is with the Eagles, but so is Lito. It's Ratliff that is with the Bengals and also Ratliff who hurt Clinton Portis' shoulder in the preseason on a sweet INT :)

  12. and sup Chris. I did not realize the lord was wih us here on the message board.

  13. The Tampa Tribune forgot to mention that the 1995 Lawrence Wright Meet Joey Kent was part II. Lawrence Wright Meet Joey Kent Part I the year before (1994) in Knoxville was scripted EXACTLY the same except for the coaches forgot to tell L-Dogg that you can't stand up over an unconscious player and perform an air-home-run swing.

  14. So Jamie, you must love that Urban has the same idea you have about desensitizing the team (and ourselves). I sure as hell hope it works! I also made Rocky Top my myspace song to help myself (and that is not gay Peacock)

  15. Well, I don't know if the players need the extra incentive like we do. We'll see how it works on Saturday.

    Anyway, Rocky Top is a tradition that I like and respect. The only time that I dislike hearing it is during the game.

  16. Cal did the same thing as Meyer is doing right now, so Meyer is not an innovator. Let's just hope we don't get the same result out of this psychological game that Cal did.

  17. Last weekend I went to the Tennesse state fair (big mistake that was)and of course I had my gator jersey on and I ended up running into a couple of people with gator stuff on. One i said GO GATORS to and he said it back to me and the other guy stop and did the chomp with me. Gator nation is everywhere and of course there was your hillbilly tennesse fans there.

  18. You all have fun in Tennessee and bring us home a win, wish I could be there with you.

  19. Have fun at the game everyone. I will actually be sober for the game since im on call this week. Make sure you drink a few brews for me. Enough to at least kill a cow.

  20. LOL. We'll drink a few for you... Go GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. LOL Bruce. Note he said a cow and not a calf. I think he means shots, not beers.

  22. LOL Bruce. Note he said a cow and not a calf. I think he means shots, not beers.

  23. Chris Fowler says it all about Gameday location.