Thursday, September 14, 2006

"For Us" Explained

In case you did not know the origin:


  1. 2005 Vandy at Florida:

    Vandy makes the ferocious comeback with Jay Cutler at the helm at QB. Vandy scores a last second TD which stands, but the WR is penalized for excessive celebration. This puts them on the 17 yard line after the Personal Foul and they can no longer rationally go for two as they "Claim" they were going to do to win in regulation. UF goes on to win in OT.

    Upon the flag toss and the marching off of the penalty yards against Vandy, Jamie is at the game and does not know what just happened. I was not at the game and was watching the game on T.V. and had the aide of instant replay.


    The following explains it all:

    Jamie to Peacock Text: What was that penalty for?

    Peacock to Jamie Text: For Us!!!

  2. Jamie, your mission is to find that "Getting Jiggy with it" video of the excessive celebration and post it.


  3. Tag line "For Us" will go back up post Tenn. game. That Tony Joiner quote is just too good to not see right when you open the blog.

  4. No dice guy. The link is no longer any good.