Monday, September 18, 2006

****** Kentucky Tailgate Thread ******

What are you bringing? What time will you be there? Go Gators!!!


  1. I am bring Chicken "Bill" Curry and Melinda and I should be there about 2 to 3 pm

  2. Chicken curry... awesome! I have not tried the "Bill" variety yet! :)

  3. I had planned on coming up for the game, but will not be making it. One of my dogs, who is 8 - Stanley, is struggling with lymphoma and has exhausted all chemo options. Basically, he is just living until it's time for us to put him to sleep.

    I will be going home to Naples this weekend to visit him. He's doing well and could live for months, but you just never know. Really makes you appreciate life and health.

    Anyway, enough mushy stuff.

    Go Gators and you will have my blog comments as a television viewer for what you live viewers might miss out on and vice versa.

    I will be up for Alabama and LSU.

    Go Gators!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your dog Peacock. It is never easy when your dog is sick and you can't do anything about it. If I can do anything to help let me know.

  5. I will be at the tailgate as early as needed, I'm going to take Chris's place with setting up since he is going on a ride. I will also bring spinach dip (cooked frozen spinach not raw)

  6. I dont think I'll be able to make the game this weekend. Too long of a drive back on Sunday if I have to work on Monday. But my spirit will be with you guys, if that counts, I dont think it needs a ticket either, unless its at Kansas (if you get that you know what am talking about if you dont read ESPN more)

  7. I am Bringing

    14 hot dogs with no buns
    17 burgers with no buns
    43 bottles of water
    27 bottles of gatorade
    55 cans of assorted soda
    1 boddingtons
    3 shiners
    2 heines
    9 guinness
    1 corona
    10 bud light
    14 miller lite
    Mayo for Mulford

    I will not be there till late Sat so parking is on your own. If unable to park at tailgate there is that parking garage right behind.

  8. Ruth-Ann, do you need someone to bring chips for the dip? I don't see any in the inventory list that Chris posted.

  9. It looks like we need burger buns and hot dog buns if anyone is looking for something to bring.

  10. I have class.. So I'll be there after class as always.. I'm going to bring.. myself again.. I know I know, you guys are excited about that ;) See you all Friday or Saturday..

  11. I will be there to setup the tailgate in the morning. I will bring some shiner beer if Chris or Ruth-Ann will lend me a vehicle on Friday night.

  12. Cassie, how about buns... can you bring 2 packs of hot dog buns with yourself? :)

    That still leaves hamburger buns. Who can bring those?

  13. I know i have a bicycle you can borrow

  14. I will also not be there. I will be at the Alabama LSU and Auburn game. And will be bringing the Hammock with me for the Alabama game.

  15. I have some crackers, but it would be great if anyone wants to bring some chips for the dip.

  16. We still need the following if anyone is looking to bring something.

    1. Hot dog buns
    2. Hamburger buns
    3. Chips (for spinach dip if possible)

  17. Cassie will bring two packs of hotdog and hamburger buns. I will bring chips, sweets, soda, and anything else that I find at the store. If we need anything else, let me know.