Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tennessee Post Game

Self explanatory.

Wake up Chris.

There's a smile!

Refs (rightly so) would not let us jump on the "T". This is one Meyer tradition that I disagree with. We should not jump on any mid-field logo unless it looks like a seminole.
Post-game celebration.
That guy with the Bama hat is superimposed. Really.


  1. Phew!!! More analysis to come. Two things come to mind first off.

    1) Only 3 pts. for Tennessee after Ainge did mock Gator chomp when they went up 17-7.

    2) Mmmm. Cheese!!!

    Go Gators!!!

  2. Welcome to SEC play ladies and gentlemen.

    This post is very scattered as you know how my brain works under pressure!!!

    I have to say that I was disappointed with some of our player's decisions at points, but that all gets washed away by knowing that this is college football, not UCF or Southern Miss, and by a win of course.

    We allowed big plays, but had big plays. Tim Tebow saved our bacon about 4 times. Huge!!!

    Chris Leak - very poised. Stupid slide before first down in 4th almost killed us. Thank you Tebow.

    Deshawyn Wynn - Winner - 104 rushing yards and no fumbles or dumb plays. Extra kudos to him. He really won us the game. Trench warfare. That run at the end - $

    Receivers very solid.

    Play calling - super. Same play ran for Cornelius and Baker TD.

    Hetland 2 missed FGs, but both over 45 yds. so can't blame him completely there.

    That non-call on the Ainge throw out of their endzone should have been a safety. I broke my blinds on that call when I threw my water bottle. No sweat!!!

    That punt run back was stopped only because their punter got away with tripping. That guy is $. Also, a very bad "block in the back" call against us.

    Overall, the veterans won us this game and our coaching.

    This post board would be dead if we wouldn't have pulled that huge comeback out.

    Go Gators!!!

  3. Goal-line offense used on Tebow's 4th and one conversion. Really a no-brainer, but good coaching to make those moves.

    "We put in our goal-line personnel and shifted out to get two more people out of the box. We ran behind our two best people, after we put [307-pound tackle Jason Watkins] at tight end. We felt we could dent the line of scrimmage. That's a player's play. That's a Tim Tebow play." - Meyer

  4. Steaks all around for the O-line for their protection of Leak and being an integral factor in Wynn finally becoming a tailback.

  5. I must say, my man Reggie Nelson did great too! First catch and last catch for Ainge he caught.. I still love the guy even if he didn't win me the money on the first game.

    Also Percy Harvin better get the ankle better by next week. It was obvious we went kinda downhill without him.. But the other playes made up for it..

  6. Yes, props to Reggie Nelson on that $ pick on Ainge's first throw. Watching it on CBS, it looked like a TD all the way, cuz Nelson wasn't even on the screen. Nice closing speed and a pick.

    And yes, he did catch Ainge's first and last throws of the game, however, yes I know it is instinctual, but Nelson should have just let that 2nd INT hit the turf. It cost us 20 yards since we would have gotten the ball up near midfield on the turnover on downs.

    Field position could have become a factor if we were forced to punt and they were able to move into FG range for a 90 yarder or whatever that guy can kick.

    But props to Nelson, nonetheless.

  7. In the stands Nelson's first pick looked like a pick all the way. The ball had a lot of air under it and I had a good feeling someone could get to it.

    I was stressed about his second pick and share your feelings Peacock. I had visions of 1998 and 2004 in my head. All I felt they needed was to get to the 50 or something. That guy could have kicked a 70 yarder to beat us if given the chance. 20 yards was huge. Ainge could have hit 2 or 3 slants to get them to the 50. He's so tall that the slant is difficult to defend.

    Props to Deshawn Wynn for not putting me through that. I haven't seen any replays... how hard did he have to fight on his own for those 6 yards?

  8. What was up with Dallas Baker in the 1st half?? Was he getting over the flu or something? He wasn't even in the game on a lot of the plays.

  9. I mentioned this to some already, but I really like Meyer's run game-planning. He went with his normal option running game for 3 quarters, but switched to a downhill running I-formation in the 4th quarter after we had grossly out done them in time of possession. Obviously this was smart as their D was tired. I've never seen him use that formation before... I am glad he has it and glad to see he uses it at the right times. Good coaching.

  10. Did we really try and stomp on the "T" before the game? If so, and if Meyer condones that, he has gone down a notch on my belt and that would be completey uncharacteristic of him. You don't preach what he preaches and then allow that UM bullshyte!!!

    Any real answers to whether he condones that or not?

    Also, was it pre or post game.

    However, pre or post game, that is a completely classless act in my opinion and I lose a lot of respect for them if they do that.

    That is some UM and Terrel Owens NFL B.S.

    Answers please or just don't answer so I'll forget and not be ashamed of the Gators.

  11. I am all sorts of fired up angry about that logo jumping crap.

    Have we always done that under Meyer or was it just this game?

    Completely classless if true.

    Damn, I'm very very angry about that.

    If this is true, Urban Meyer is a huge hypocrite and I lose major major respect for him.


    And this is not just me overreacting.

    Dammit, why!!!

  12. I notice that it was pregame due to the fact that it was not night time in the background.

  13. 1. It was pregame.
    2. This is not new, this is one of the rivalry things. Although I've never seen us do it before people on GatorCountry have complained about it before.

    I read about it last year. It was lumped in with all of the other rivalry stuff -- like never referring to them by name, putting their logos in the urinals, etc. I don't like it because of the history I know that involves miami and ref$u. There is one major difference though. Our players jump in a huddle and face internally. The "logo-jumping" that we are familiar with is external with the players facing the other team. Notice in the pic too that the Vols are not on the field at the time. It is not meant to be taunting, just meant to fire up the team internally. I still don't like it... I'd rather they move it to the endzone.

  14. Sufficient info., yet still questionable Meyer/Gators sportsmanship.