Monday, September 04, 2006

Southern Miss. Game Opinions

Post all personal analysis here.


  1. The line needs alot of work. They are upperclassmen and should have played better.

  2. The line is not upperclassmen. A freshman is protecting Leak's blind side.

  3. This game is too easy to analyze. The O-Line and the RBs are our weaknesses - That's obvious.

    The O-Line is way too inexperienced and a big liability to our already garbage running game, as well as giving Leak time to throw. This being said however, they could have done a lot worse.

    The RBs are just plain garbage. Always have been, probably always will. Meyer has adopted/recruited a bunch of guys with marginal talent. Wynn doesn't deserve to be on the field and will re-enter the doghouse if he doesn't pull a complete 180 vs. UCF. With our pourous O-Line and lack of a playmaker at RB, I see us going to mostly a straight option run for the RBs or doing what we did vs. Southern Miss and bringing them out of the backfield completely, drawing a cover man off of the blitz to at least lessen the likelyhood of Leak being pressured or sacked.

    Overall, the offense was good. Harvin is obviously a stud, Baker was great, Jemalle did what he does best and Bubba just needs to get some rust off.

    Defensive secondary was phenomenal and D-line was only ok, but this was mainly due to the fact that Thomas and Herring didn't play, which lessened the DLs effectiveness.

    Overall, a good win over a non patsy team. Glad we have another game to hopefully improve before Tennessee, but that being said, don't look past the Knights.

  4. Congrats to Dallas Baker and Mike Thomashunis for winning the 1st score of the year pool!!

  5. LT JR 75 Trautwein, P.
    LG RSO 63 Tartt, J.
    C SR 79 Rissler, S.
    RG JR 67 Miller, D.
    RT RJR 73 Medder, C.

    Which freshman Peacock? This was the published starting lineup. This lineup looks like upperclassmen to me. I will concede that there is not much game experience, we knew that coming into the season.

  6. I think it was Harris that didn't play. I did not know that until my Dad told me. The both of you are right, he and Thomas should have an impact come next Saturday.

  7. I meant inexperienced. Sorry Bruce.

    Harris and Thomas didn't play. Neither of them are listed on the stat sheet, and you know Thomas would have gotten at least an assisted tackle or something.

    Also, CFN, says they both sat.

  8. Yes, upperclassmen should have played better I agree. I saw them pointing around at missed assignments a few times during the game. Obviously they have a lot of work to do.

  9. As Jamie so kindly told me in e-mail, I put Herring in my original analysis, which should have been Steven Harris.

    My Bad.

  10. Article about Marcus Thomas sitting out Southern Miss. game:

    Thomas sits out

  11. WHAT??


    Several players made Meyer's Champions Club following UF's 34-7 win.

    Defensively, linebackers Brandon Siler and Earl Everett, cornerbacks Ryan Smith and Reggie Lewis and safeties Reggie Nelson and Tony Joiner made the list.

    Offensively, quarterback Chris Leak, wide receivers Dallas Baker and Jemalle Cornelius and offensive linemen Steve Rissler, Carlton Medder, Phil Trautwein and Drew Miller made the club.

    Someone please correct my interpretation of the above. So Jim Tartt was soley responsible for all those D-Linemen in our backfield?

  12. And Percy Harvin? Leading rusher as a wide receiver?

  13. Yeah, but Harvin stopped short on that route in the first drive which caused the interception. Leak threw to the spot where Harvin was supposed to be, but he wasn't there. Thus no champions club for Harvin.

    I'm glad anyway, don't want his head getting too big. This guy is for real.

  14. I have read everyones comments and agree with most. The O-Line showed a lot of inexperience and needs a lot of improvement if we are going to go to Atlanta. Last weeks performance will not hack it with the likes of Tenn, Auburn, Bama and Georgia.
    The running backs also did not produce.Was this possibly not the RB's fault, but rather the lack of blocking by the O-Line resulting in no holes to run through. If you noticed when Moore cought passes in the open field, he did well. Also Wynn was running hard until he got hirt. (Peacock did you know he got hirt) He was taken out of the games after his injury. He is not expected to play against UCF. Also James (155lb,5 foot 5 inch freshmen speedster) will be playing on Sat.
    Rest of the team looked well. Defense looked great.

  15. Yes, I know Wynn got hurt and it affects our team none as he is worthless. Moore is also marginal at best.

    Our RB game is a combination of the following:

    1) Inexperienced O-line
    2) Lack of true talent at RB
    3) Play calling

    I agree with Meyer 100% in what he said in the Southern Miss postgame interviews about our RBs. He appreciates their attitudes....

    Basically he is saying they are learning the system and pay attention, but have marginal talent and he does not have faith in them. Hence his looking at other RBs to fill that spot and him lining up the RBs in the flat.