Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pre Bowl Random Posts


  1. I sure hope Tebow accomplishes this goal!

    MM: You've already won a national championship, broken school and SEC records, and you're the first person in NCAA history to rush and pass for 20 touchdowns in a season. Are you considering going to the NFL?

    TT: Right now, I'm not considering it. Later, sure, but I love being at the University of Florida, I love being a Gator, and I want to get my education. Professional football is not something I'm focused on right now. Staying here for four years is a goal I went to accomplish. Plus, I'm having too good of a time to leave early.

    I dont know hot to post links cause I suck at computers but here is an article on TT.
    One of the questions asked

    Sean & John: I have heard the news last week. Let me ask you, how’s the hand?

    Tebow: It’s doing fine. It is healing, it is casted up, and it will be off in a few weeks. It’s not a big deal; I guess that’s why God gives us two hands.

  3. CHRIST, good to hear from you again. How was your time away?

    By the way... is Tebow right, is that why you give people 2 hands?

  4. That's a really good article Chris. Nice find.

  5. I saw on PTI today that Spurrier was spotted at Duke this week. I wonder if hes thinking of leaving USC.

  6. It looks like LSU is gonna be stripped bare. Miles rumored at Michigan and Pelini to Nebraska???

    Spurrier could be an option there too. He seems fed up with the administration and also the athletes they have.

  7. I'm hearing from inside sources that it looks like 95% that the Gators will be playing at the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.

    Prob. against Illinois, but if Mizzou loses and OSU gets the nod to the NCS, Illinois could land a Rose Bowl berth, leaving Michigan as the Big Ten entrant to the Capital One Bowl, as Wisconsin has already accepted the Outback. They are saying prob. Auburn or the SECCG loser in Tampa.

    Should that happen, you all are obviously welcome at my abode which is like 10 min. from the stadium.

  8. Why don't they rename it The University of Coral Gables?

  9. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the SOS to LSU rumors have legs. I'm not sure if he would actually take it (I hope not), but I'm sure his agent is throwing his name out there at the very least in an attempt to get the South Carolina administration to do what he wants.

  10. Bowden gets an $800k raise for going 7-5??? I'll take that job.


    Florida State and coach Bobby Bowden have agreed to a one-year contract extension worth just under $2.5 million for the 2007-08 season, a source familiar with the deal said Friday afternoon.

    Bowden's contract had been set to expire in January. He made about $1.7 million this year.

    Bowden's deal also includes the potential for bonuses meant to reward him for success next year and also for career achievements.

    It has been stated by Florida State president T.K. Wetherell that Bowden can coach at the school for as long as he desires.

  11. Poor Heather regarding the Hurricanes or regarding the possibility of hosting for the bowl or both or both including putting up with me?

  12. Junior quarterback Bryan Waggener and true freshman tailback Bo Williams have decided to look for playing opportunities elsewhere.

  13. The boys basketball team won tonight, 86-61 I believe. I think it was against Vermont, if I remember right. They are 7-1. Go Gators :)

  14. The Bulls won tonight against Charlotte Bobcats. Bulls are now 4-10.. Maybe things are looking up for them. Noah probably taught them how to be a team :)

  15. Wow this is a weird season looks like 10 teams ranked 1 or 2 lose this year.

  16. Today will be an interesting day in college football. Not to say I'm happy we are not in the conversation, but it is nice to not have to go through the day hoping for a bid to the NCG and then getting screwed.

  17. The 77,497-seat stadium was maybe half full for the ACC championship game between Virginia Tech and Boston College. The attendance for the game was listed at 53,212, which was the number of tickets sold.

  18. The ACC definitely doesn't like cheezy poofs.

  19. From the Orlando Sentinel:

    In a Sunday night interview on ESPN's Bowl Selection Show on Sunday night, the Hawaii coach pushed UH quarterback Colt Brennan for the Heisman at the expense of Tim Tebow. In the middle of a question about Brennan, Jones labeled Tebow as a "system quarterback."

    Asked by ESPN's Rece Davis to clarify his comments, Jones said, "Colt can run any system. I'm not sure Tim Tebow could run our system.

    Why is that, Davis asked.

    "He's not a natural passer," Jones said.

    Asked what he looks for in a natural passer, Jones said, "Accuracy. Accuracy with the football, and being able to make all the throws."

  20. Fayson reportedly is now going to Illinois after his trip there this weekend.

  21. Tebows 51 Touchdowns

    I tried to count them as they happened but I lost count around 35;)

  22. You were always bad at the easy math.

  23. Link to the 51 TDs is now also accessible if you click the subheader on the blog "C'mon Timmay!!!"

  24. Credit to Rojas for finding this on a Michigan fan blog.

    Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. After a month of thinking how great it would be if Michigan could somehow salvage the season with a New Years day game, I got my wish.

    My wish sucked.

    Instead of unwrapping some underachieving, mal-coached ACC team, Michigan's early Christmas present was a box full of Florida. It's kind of like opening the box you thought had a Wii in it and finding a very pissed off Cobra. Let me just jam my fingers in the toaster and be done with it.

  25. Article on the Capital One Bowl

    The annual game sold out in less than 13 hours, the fastest in the 62-year history of the bowl. Temporary bleacher seats were then added and those sold out in another hour

  26. Wow, reading June Jones comments about Tebow vs. listening to them are drastically different.

    The guy accuses Tebow of being a "system quarterback" and not being an accurate passer. He attacks "systems," but then says that Colt Brennan is excellent at running his "system." Very hypocrtitical and obviously reaching for straws.

    He then continues his ranting and basically calls Tim Tebow an average player by saying that you can put an average person into a great system and they will thrive.

    That guy needs to take a long walk off a short bridge, not just because he is throwing Tebow under the bus, but because his statements are completely uneducated. June Jones is wrong and dumb!!!

    It's funny that none of the ESPN analysts really even bothered to interrupt him becasue they really didn't care too much what he was saying.

  27. From the Miami Herald regarding June Jones' comments.

    We're going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. We're going to assume Jones is a smart man and that he realized the ridiculous premise of such an argument before he even said it. Jones was just being loyal to his guy and lobbying for Heisman votes. Tebow, of course, IS a great quarterback and is probably a better passer as a sophomore than Brennan was at that stage in his career. (And never mind the fact that the run-and-shoot offense is every bit a system-specific offense as the Gators' spread attack.)

  28. Another uneducated post from an "expert." Ivan Maisel from ESPN (He ranked 1) Dixon, 2) McFadden, 3) White and:

    4. Tim Tebow, Florida
    I struggled greatly with third place on my ballot. I respect what Tim Tebow accomplished this season. And like Dixon and White, Tebow carried his team to success. In the end, I chose Dixon and White because of the heights to which they took their teams. There is more to a quarterback than can be measured by statistics.

    Out of ESPN's 15 analysts that do their online tally, Tebow got 12 first-place votes, 1 second and 2 fourth. He was an overwhelming winner besides the dummy above.

    Tebow is the front-runner by far on CNNSI, CBS and ESPN.

  29. Heisman Pundit Straw Poll results:

    The Final HP Straw Poll
    December 4th, 2007

    The final Straw Poll of the 2007 college football season has been tallied and, with just four days left before the award ceremony in New York City, the nine Heisman-voting members of the college football media who comprise the poll have picked Florida sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow to be this year's Heisman winner.

    Tebow edged out Arkansas junior running back Darren McFadden by just two points (23-21) but collected six first-place votes to McFadden's three. Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan was third (four points) and Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel was fourth (three points).

    If the poll's results hold, Tebow will become the first sophomore to win the coveted trophy while McFadden could be the first two-time runner up since Charlie Justice of North Carolina in the late 1940s.

    "What Tim Tebow did this season was amazing and historic," said one voter. "To be the nation's second-rated passer, AND run for more touchdowns than any player in SEC history, it's as if he performed the feats of two different players – an All-American quarterback AND a really good running back. To me, that's the definition of "outstanding."

    But support for McFadden was just as emphatic.

    "I think he's the best player in America, and that's what the award criteria specifics," said another voter. "It's not "the best player on the best team in America." In my mind, there is NO question McFadden is the best player in the nation.

    "It's not even close."

    We'll find out who wins this Saturday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. ET.

    This week's poll results, with total points and first-place votes in parentheses:

    1. Tim Tebow, Florida--23 ( 6)

    2. Darren McFadden, Arkansas--21 (3)

    3. Colt Brennan, Hawaii--4

    4. Chase Daniel, Missouri--3

    5. Pat White, West Virginia; Dennis Dixon, Oregon; Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech--1

    For the second year in a row, is conducting a Heisman straw poll each week during the college football season. The idea is to get a good sense of voter sentiment as the season progresses. There are nine Heisman voters canvassed from across the various Heisman voting regions and they vote for three players each week. The tabulations are calculated just like the actual Heisman vote, on a 3-2-1 basis, with three points for a first-place vote, two points for a second-place vote and one point for a third-place vote.

    In a unique feature to the poll, a Heisman Trophy winner's vote is occasionally added to the mix. The poll so far this year has included the votes of 2004 winner Matt Leinart of USC, 1995 winner Eddie George of Ohio State and 2000 winner Chris Weinke of Florida State.

    The Straw Poll Heisman voters

    Tom Dienhart (The Sporting News)
    Austin Murphy (Sports Illustrated)
    Stewart Mandel (Sports Illustrated)
    B.J. Schecter (Sports Illustrated)
    Olin Buchanan (
    Neal McCready (Mobile Register Guard)
    Ted Lewis (New Orleans Times-Picayune)
    Dick Weiss (New York Daily News)
    J.B. Morris,

    Sept. 24 Heisman Voter: Chris Weinke, 2000 winner, FSU

    Sept. 6 Heisman Voter: Matt Leinart, 2004 winner, USC

    Aug. 31 Heisman Voter: Eddie George, 1995 winner, Ohio State

  30. Cunningham arrested with Demps on battery charge. Come on. sigh.

  31. Tebow comments regarding June Jones' comments at the beginning of this video.

  32. Keep 'em Coming just like CBS' Dennis Dodd.

  33. I like the emphasis on his "M."

  34. James, I wish I have been on your trip to Greece this whole time like when you missed the whole Billy D to the Magic nonsense.

    I have a very bad feeling that Tebow is gonna get shafted and it's really gonna bother me. I'm taking this way to personally, but seriously, if he doesn't win, I will never consider the Heisman in any sort of esteem ever.

    C'mon Timmay!!!

  35. BTW, McFadden was named offensive player of the year by the SEC's coaches on Wednesday.

    Can I get some lame sauce with that.

    I guess it is true that Florida is really not a southern state. Damn fraternal idiots.

  36. From Heisman Pundit:

    I saw a comment down below disparaging Tim Tebow because he 'wasn't even SEC Player of the Year' and 'didn't make the AFCA All-American team.'

    It reminds me of something that I witnessed first hand during the 2002 Heisman campaign with Carson Palmer.

    At the end of the year, the Pac-10 coaches have a conference call to pick their all-league teams. They make an initial vote and the call's purpose is for any possible changes or last minute additions.

    This was in early December and it just so happens that the Pac-10 coaches picked Washington State's Jason Gesser, not Palmer--who was not yet the Heisman winner--as their first-string quarterback.

    That was going to remain the case without protest, but Washington coach Rick Neuheisel suddenly chimed in:

    "You know, Carson's had such a great year, I really think he and Gesser should share first-team honors" said Neuheisel.

    Everyone quickly agreed to that.

    "Of course, that leaves a slot to be filled for another second-team quarterback," Neuheisel wryly noted. "I would like to put Cody Pickett there as he has had an incredible year for us."

    And everyone readily agreed to that, too.

    The point of this story is that it took Rick Neuheisel's machinations on behalf of his own quarterback--his 'concern' for Palmer creating the space for his guy--for the eventual Heisman winner to be named first-team all-conference. Were it not for Neuheisel, Palmer ends up the nation's most outstanding player, but only the second-best quarterback in the Pac-10.

    And so, just because Tebow didn't win his conference player of the year award doesn't mean he somehow isn't worthy of the Heisman.

    After all, the Heisman isn't the only award that is political.

  37. Tebow won Davey O'Brien Award for best quaterback. So far the first 4 awards have gone to SEC players.

  38. Props to the voters who selected a freshman to win the Belitnikoff (wtf spelling) They could have easily selected Mario Manningham because he is an upperclassman and has had a great career, but his numbers were half of that of the winner Michael Crabtree from Texas Tech.

    That was the first time a freshman has won the award. Tomorrow will hopefully be the first time a sophomore wins the Heisman.

  39. CNNSI's Stewart Mandel's Heisman ballot:

    1) Florida QB Tim Tebow. The Heisman trust asks us simply to select "the most outstanding college football player" in 2007. To me, what Tebow accomplished this season was the definition of "outstanding."

    I look at it this way: If Tebow had not carried the ball a single time all season, he still would have merited consideration as an All-America QB based solely on his passing statistics (68.5 percent completions, 3,132 yards, 29 touchdowns and six interceptions). And even if he had not attempted a single pass, his rushing numbers (838 yards, 22 TDs) would likely earn him consideration as an All-SEC running back.

    The fact that one player managed to do the job of two -- and do both of them extremely well -- is a truly amazing feat. Furthermore, the two things I look for most in voting for the Heisman are consistency and big performances in big games. Tebow was incredibly consistent on a week-in, week-out basis -- his production in the Gators' three losses was about the same as his averages all season. Meanwhile, he was brilliant in Florida's 59-20 win over Tennessee (360 total yards, four TDs) and in late-season victories over South Carolina (424 yards, five touchdowns) and Florida State (351 yards, five TDs).

  40. Some interesting votes:

    Terry Bowden - Tebow
    Corso - Tebow
    Reece Davis - Tebow
    Craig James - McFadden
    Ivan Maisel - Dixon, McFadden
    Mark May - Tebow, Brennan
    Joe Schad - Daniel, Tebow, McFadden
    Mike Tirico - Tebow, McFadden

    Tim Brando - Tebow
    Dennis Dodd - Tebow, Daniel
    Verne Lundquist - Tebow

    Former Heisman Winners
    Reggie Bush - McFadden, Tebow
    Tony Dorsett - wouldnt disclose but had Tebow, McFadden and Daniel in top 3
    Eddie George - McFadden
    Troy Smith - Dixon, Brennan, McFadden
    Spurrier - Tebow, Brennan, Daniel
    Gino Torretta - Tebow
    Andre Ware - McFadden
    Chris Weinke - wouldnt disclose but had Tebow, McFadden and Brennan in top 3
    Jason White - Tebow, McFadden, Brennan
    Wuerffel - Tebow

    Bianchi - Tebow, McFadden (3rd)
    Jay Mariott - Tebow

  41. Last night vs. each other, Horford and Brewer combined for 33 rebounds. Horford 15 and Brewer 18.

    Horford is averaging 8.8 pts/10.6 reb/1.2 ast in 32:36 per game.

    Brewer is averaging 4.6 pts/3.9 reb/1.3 ast in 19:41 per game.

    Noah is averaging 3.7 pts/3.3 reb/1.0 ast in 12:11 per game

    Green is averaging 2.3 pts/.5 reb/1.3 ast in 6:00 per game

    Horford is a strong rookie of the year candidate.

  42. This one is for Matt!!!

    CNNSI's Gene Menez interviews Tebow:
    ___ Have you ever been burned by your celebrity?

    Tebow: That happens quite frequently. There are a lot of people who act like they're me on Facebook and try to talk to people. I've had people tell me they were going on dates with me because of Facebook, and I don't even have a Facebook account. People come up to me and say, "Hey, thanks for having me as a friend on Facebook." I don't even have Facebook. And you do have the different people that sometimes will follow you from class to class. Some are weird. I wouldn't say they're stalkers, but they're definitely a little over-interested. You'll just take a picture just walking to class. Then they'll put it on Facebook or do whatever with it and just say whatever they want with it. So that's why you try to be really careful about what kind of pictures you're taking. Could this be seen as a bad picture? It really makes you be careful about the situations you put yourself in. So that's not your profile on Facebook with 5,000 or so friends?

    Tebow: It's not, and that's what everyone says. "Man, it has to be yours." A lot of people are friends with this person, whoever it is.

  43. Crabtree's numbers were impressive. The lou graza award was also won by a freshman from Arizona St. Not sure if it was the first time or not.

  44. There is a USA Today writer whose name is Christine Brennan. She voted for Colt Brennan simply because they were both C. Brennan.

    Ri-dong-diculous. She should be banned.

  45. Are you speculating or did you see that regarding C. Brennan?

  46. The landscape of college football is changing since players are getting on the field earlier in their career. I think you'll see the awards follow along that trend.

  47. She does offer some merit to her vote, but overall, lame with more lame on the side.

    C. Brennan for C. Brennan

  48. From the Atlanta Constitution:

    Danny Wuerffel, gives us five reasons Tebow is deserving of college football's top individual honor:

    More on

    Tebow, McFadden front-runners
    PHOTOS: The four finalists


    1. He ran for 22 touchdowns this season; it would have taken me 20 years to rush for 22 touchdowns.


    2. He cares more about impoverished kids at the Tebows' orphanage in the Phillipines than winning the Heisman Trophy.


    3. Tebow is the only person I know that scares Jack Bauer.


    4. He is a very humble and soft-spoken Christian man and yet he still has as much fun as Brett Favre on the field.


    5. He is the second-rated passer in college football this season – and he's built like Brian Urlacher

  49. Congratulations on a most deserving victory Timmay!!!

  50. 1 year at worst, 2 years at best. You guys better enjoy all that is Tebow. Apparently these guys only come around every 10 years!