Saturday, November 17, 2007

FAU Postgame


  1. Congrats to the stat monsters Tebow and Caldwell.

  2. Nice to see C.I. back in the game plan today. Aaron Hernandez is also looking solid as we move ahead. Secondary still staring at the sun and fighthing invisible bees. Moore was nothing flasy, but held onto the ball which was good, cuz no B.J. or Percy and ? on Chevon Walker. He still on team or released after season?

    Overall above average performance on O and mediocre on D with a great special teams block.

    I guess we should be happy to have won that scheduling garbage game, as Alabama wasn't so fortunate against ULM.

  3. Re Tebow's INT from Gainesville Sun:

    Tebow was inconsistent at times and threw a first-half interception with a wild, high throw.

    "I cut my finger and the blood had dripped onto the ball and it slipped," Tebow said of the interception.

  4. Chevon Walker is transfering and the Germans just bombed Pearl Harbor.

  5. I liked Hernandez on the shuttle option. Interesting that we only see that in some games. It must only be in the gameplan for certain defenses. ?