Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Posts Post NC Game

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  1. Per Fox news in Tampa Andre Caldwell's family says he will be back next year. Not "official" yet however.

  2. We need to change "Beat Ohio State" to some thing else.

  3. What I'm hearing regarding The Swamp:

    I just wanted to let you know that they have the field set to be painted (stringed out) and they painted over the "1996 National Champions and all the SEC Champions signage to all orange. Maybe they will go with a drill in sign kinda like the Ring of Honor. That would be so awesome.

    Can you elaborate on this Spinosa?

  4. When is the Glendale stadium grass scheduled to arrive in Gainesville? How much did it cost?

  5. I will go to the stadium tomorrow or friday morning for sure and find out whats up.

  6. Actually I want both layers of turf. The one Boise State played on and ours. We can fix the slippage problem somehow.

    Go Orange and Blue x2 in Glendale!!!

  7. Reports are that Moss, Siler, Ryan Smith, and Nelson are all gone.

  8. hehe: "Anyone who has seen (Florida) play realizes it is a no-brainer. Florida is not very good."
    --- Tom Brady

  9. Reporter after yesterdays bears game asked Grossman how long the last two weeks have been for him. In which he replied "14 days"

  10. Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney each scored a TD and had monster games in yesterday's Pats win over S.D.

  11. 14 days... hehe. Good reporting Bruce. Good for Rex!

  12. Another Gator Fan posted this Herbstreit Story on Gator Country... it is a great read. Scroll down to the bottom and read my 1/17/2007 post copy of this story.

  13. James, that guy is either a great liar using lots of specifics to make us believe him, or he has brass balls.

  14. I can't site anything in his story that would be an obvious lie. It sounds like it could be Herbstreit well enough. ?

  15. sounds valid, but Herbie is still a member of the Dark Side.

  16. Kingston should know what conference to pull for though

  17. Regarding the Danielson & Herbstreit interviews.

    Danielson: Very humble. I felt he was trying to smooth things over so much and play the "against the system" role or the apologist role. He did make some great points, but I would have liked him to refer to the Gators & Michigan more instead of discussing it in vague terms. In the end though I've got to like his style.

    RUTH-ANN: Did you get a chance to watch the 4th quarter of the SECCG yet to see Danielson's comments? I know you've been slacking lately and may not have gotten to it.

    Herbstreit: That was an hour long radio show you just made me listen to Pcock! It was good stuff though. His main theme was that tOSU did not have the mental edge, but to give Florida credit as they took it and deserved it. He didn't want to talk Xs & Os as he felt this game was won in the heads of the players. Said the SEC speed factor was an easy excuse, but didn't feel that it was proven (except for on the DLine which he did concede). Reiterated that it was won by a more prepared and ready Florida team with an exceptional D and and O that played its best game all year. Said he was happy for C Leak, a guy that "was booed in his own stadium". Blah. Damn "boo"-sters.

  18. That tribute was funny stuff Bruce. Go Gators!

  19. No haven't watched the SEC game yet,but have watched NC game like 3 times

  20. Rex Grossman plays today at 3. If he wins this he goes to the Superbowl. Gators could hold the NFL title too.

  21. Two SEC QB's in the Superbowl. Good year for the SEC.

  22. Spinosa, is that you on that fireengine on University after triple zeroes!??

  23. Wow! University was crazy after the game. Wish I could be two places at one time!

    Pandemonium 2

    Pandemonium 3

    Pandemonium 4

  24. Good read:

    Picking Gators an easy choice
    Kevin Homan
    Issue date: 2/8/07 Section: Sports

    Page 1 of 1

    Trust me, this is it. The last you'll hear of the Florida Gators. I promise. I also promise you're going to hate what you're about to read. I hate what I'm about to write. So let me make this clear: I love Ohio State, will always love Ohio State, and I'm as much a Buckeye as anyone you'll ever meet.

    But after visiting a friend in Gainesville a couple weeks ago, a friend who happens to go to University of Florida, I am a convert. If I'm a high school football player (the signing period ended yesterday) and I want to play big-time college football, I'm donning the blue and orange. I'm going to Florida.

    For the record, if OSU was on the flip side of the 41-14 shellacking, my decision is the same. As contradictory as this sounds, this is less about the football than it is the overall experience. Bear with me, this is tough.

    Both universities are huge, both have great programs, blah, blah, blah. But after visiting Gainesville, it's a no-brainer.

    As I write, snow is falling with the windchill hovering around minus 15 degrees. In Florida it's an ever-so-chilly 65 degrees and sunny.

    Weather really isn't a big contributor to my decision. In fact, I like cold weather and a little snow. But I'll be honest, it was nice sitting on an outdoor patio, wolfing down a Moe's burrito in mid-January. The sun actually shines in Florida in February.

    The next thing the Gators have on us is the town. University Street, which I would equate to our High Street, minus the dumpiness, is what a college town is all about: small shops, live music, great food and lots of personality. The quality of their night life is ridiculous. Whether you're looking for dancing, pool or just a casual hangout, UF has it all. And lots of it.

    Downtown Gainesville is set up like a small town, not a crappy strip littered with run-down bars. You can't blame OSU for neighboring with a big city, but for goodness sake clean it up. Yeah, the South Campus Gateway is nice, but I'll still take the secluded Gainesville scene any day.

    Another feature that added to the beauty of Gainesville was the scenery. I know it sounds cheesy, but believe me it makes a difference. Palm trees are nice and Spanish moss is even better. The place was clean and people were out and about. There was a buzz and an energy about the place. This feeds into my last point.

    The clincher for me was the atmosphere. UF really felt like a college town in ways you can't even describe. It's nestled very nicely and no matter where you go you never feel "off-campus." Students were everywhere and there seemed to be a pride and sense of community that we lose in our giant campus. OSU, being such a large place, often feels that way. There isn't really a college-town feel, but more of an urban feel. Florida enrolls more than 50,000 students as well, but it has the comfort of 20,000.

    So what does all this have to do with football? My point is this: The quality, tradition and overall support of both teams are about even. But what about the other eight months of the year? Sunny Florida or gray Ohio? Classy Gainesville or dumpy OSU campus? Palm or deciduous? I'll take the former on all three.

    If you know me, you know how painful it is for me to admit this, let alone make it public. Reality is harsh. See for yourself.

    Sorry OSU, Florida wins again.

    Kevin Homan is a Lantern staff writer currently enrolled in witness protection. He can be reached for comment at