Tuesday, January 02, 2007

BCS NCG Pre Game

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  1. Peacock's Keys to Winning the BCS NCG:

    I believe if we do these three things we will beat OSU:

    1) O-Line Protection for Leak/running game.

    2) Leak no dumb plays

    3) Dan Mullen good offensive game calls.


    We have too many complete studs at every position on our team to have this opportunity slip through our hands.

    I truly believe that if we do what we've been doing all season and correct/improve/remain consistent on the 3 points above, we will win this game.

  2. I think coming in as underdogs is key also, the motivation will be tremendous for our team.

  3. I talk to John Madden yesterday on the phone and he told me that if the GATORS score more points then Ohio that we have a real good chance of beating them.

  4. 10 reasons why the Gators might win. Scroll to the bottom to find the list.

  5. Alex Brown yesterday on "The Huddle", ESPN radio:

    host: So Alex, how much of a chance do you give Florida vs. OSU?

    Alex: What? You're kidding, right? How much of a chance does OSU have against us (meaning Florida?).

    host: no, how much of a chance do YOU give Florida vs. OSU?

    Alex: And I am asking you how much of a chance does OSU have against the GATORS? I mean, we should beat them by 10. We should not be taling points in games like these, but we should beat them by 10. OSU has not seen the speed that Florida has. They've seen Michigan, but that is 4, maybe 5 guys with speed. We got everybody on defense with speed. We have the best safety in the Nation. You think Troy Smith is going to scramble all day, then throw a 40 yard pass for a TD? nA-AH. It ain't happening. He'll be sacked. And their WR's? they better think twice about catching the ball downfield, cause they are going to get punished.

  6. Meyer says he has learned his lesson about talking to the media.

  7. Rumor is that Ted Ginn will be ineligible due to grades. Unconfirmed rumor only.

  8. Waring - explicit lyrics - Jim and Donna

    Dude, this video need to be taped on DVD for all the brothas on the Gator squad. I wish I could hear them laughing while they watched this. :)

    Man, We Are In Trouble Now

  9. Regarding "Highlight Video"

    How can you spend so much time making a great clip movie and:

    1) Show those plays from the AUB game


    2) Play that terrible of all terrible songs.

    Other than that, good stuff.

  10. It's the sour that makes the sweet so sweet.

  11. May God be with Reggie and the entire Nelson family through their loss.

  12. From Tim Tebow: Just to let you all know we are playing this national title game for more than just the rights to say we are the best in the nation,more than proving everybody wrong,more than just for the seniors,it is also now in the loving memory of Reggie Nelson's Mother Mary Lakes!!!!!

  13. The pilot just had to get a picture of Brandon Spikes' suit.