Monday, January 15, 2007

National Champions!!!

Go Gators!!!


  1. Since you all are still in Arizona, I figured I'd start the post game posting. That game made Chris Leak the 2nd best quarterback in Florida history. It was great to watch him play so well and for him to get that ring. Overall that was just a fun game to watch and we deserve to be national champions after playing that well in every facet of the game.

  2. Woohoo!!! Go Gators!! Yes!

    Yep, cudos to CL... he gave a precision effort. I'm happy he got the MVP. He's in the Gator history books. Way to go kid!

    That was just pure domination. AWESOME!

    Go Gators!

  3. Zook & SOS comments:

    "You have to give a lot of credit to [coach] Urban Meyer. I think he has done a super job. They were really prepared for that game."

    Zook said that a number of high school players who have committed to Illinois called him during the game.

    "They knew what we had done at Florida. and they knew how much those kids meant to me," Zook said. "I told them that what they saw last night is what we are trying to do at Illinois."
    "I don't think Ohio State had seen anything like the speed of the Gators," Spurrier said. "They were sort of like the [Florida] basketball team. They peaked just at the right time."

    "They played super last night," Spurrier said. "It was a great night for all the Gators."

  4. Chris Leak was on the J Leno show last night. He gave a great interview.

  5. Chris Leak was on my flight out of Vegas to Orlando after being on the Leno Show. He must have had a connection through Vegas obviously.

    I saw him at the baggage claim this morning after our flight and went up to him and said "Congratulations Chris." He said "Thanks a lot."

    Didn't feel like bothering him for an autograph or anything. The guy deserves a break. I am so happy for him that he was able to play so solidly in his final game and get the accolades he deserves.

    Go Gators!!!

  6. Don't know if you guys can all get to this link, but here is a pic of Ginn's injury.

    If you can't see it let me know and I'll pull the pic off if I can.

    This injury is very odd if indeed that is when it happened. I watched their first offensive series after that and he was running just fine. Bailing out for the NFL early?

  7. Major crow from a Boston Globe Reporter. Great read.

    The following will get you into the site if necessary:

  8. You just knew AB would have something to say:

    Bragging rights: Former Florida stars Grossman, Alex Brown, Todd Johnson and Ian Scott were elated about the Gators’ 41-14 rout of Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game Monday night.

    “That just shows what the SEC is all about,” Brown said. “You’ve got to play hard, you’ve got to play every game. It’s not just getting up for one or two games a year. You’ve got to play each and every week, and the better team won. We played a pretty flawless game.”

    With Florida becoming the first school in NCAA history to hold national titles in football and men’s basketball at the same time, Brown joked that he now enjoys bragging rights in the Bears locker room.

    “Nobody can talk about college sports unless they come to me,” he said with a laugh. “They have to ask me for permission to talk about college sports.”

  9. WooooooooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. "If someone had told me before the game that we'd score on 5 of our first 6 possessions I'd have sucked a d!ck." (After another Gator score making it 6 scores on 7 possessions," "Two d!cks!"

    - 68ish-year old man sitting next to Jeffrey Peacock at game.


    I was sitting next to me as an adult :)

  11. Antonio Pittman says the National Title should be split.

    Listen to Spielman on Sports on demand hour 1-2 Monday the first minute around 1:13 for the split national championship comment from Antonio Pittman.

  12. —The following former Gators were on the sideline: Lomas Brown, Reynaldo Hill, Darrell Jackson, Jason Odom, Mike Peterson, Max Starks, Ben Troupe, Lawrence Wright, Jarvis Herring, Terry Jackson, Shane Matthews, Errict Rhett.

    —The following former Gators were in the stands: Travis Taylor, Willie Jackson, Cedric Smith, Jeff Mitchell, Jeff Chandler, Johnny Rutledge, Mo Collins, Gary Rolle, Daryl Dixon, Robin Fisher, and Ray McDonald Sr.

  13. Awesome blog with a Reader's Digest version of the game and OSU Aftermath.