Monday, January 15, 2007

January Random Posts

Self-explanatory. Put football articles in "Random Posts Post NC Game" thread for now until spring rolls around.


  1. Bacon & Egg, or Sausage & Egg?

  2. Bacon!!! But I think you didn't set up the camera correctly.

  3. I don't think so. I don't know why either.

  4. Bruce, why did you post that garbage? That was funny though.

  5. Long post incoming:


    Went to Universal Studios here in Orlando today with my girlfriend. Fun times all around. There are two parks within Universal, one with the new rides and one with the older rides like ET and Back to the Future, etc... We went to the new park in the morning cuz the rides are more poplular and we beat the crowds. Afternoon at the older park.

    Got a brochure upon entrance to the actual Universal Studios Park, vs. Islands of Adventure, and they had a Fear Factor Live show. (Universal and NBC are affiliated.) There was a note on the brochure that said if you get to the attraction 75 minutes ahead of the next show, you can audition to be one of the contestants. All of the contestants are just park guests.

    Heather and I watched the 2 p.m. show and I immediately got in line to audition to be on the 4:30 p.m. show. Writing on the form that I did not have asthma and being the only one who knew and could do the dance to "I'm a Little Teapot" clinched me being selected as one of the 6 contestants to be in the Fear Factor Live show that was held in an outdoor amphitheater in front of like 1000 park guests!!! (it will not be televised)

    Unfortunately for you guys, I did not have to eat bugs or be put in a tank with scorpions - It was all physical challenges :)

    We went backstage got special competitor costumes, protective gear and harnesses and we were off.

    Contest 1) 4-stories high on a platform with a bar shaped like an upside down "v." The platform would drop and we had to hang as long as we could. First two to drop were eliminated. (We were obviously on bungees.) Boom, boom, two dropped. I knew I was into next round. However, person that stayed up longest got what amounts to a tie-breaker in the upcoming rounds. It was me vs. the guy that was right next to me. I was looking over at him and he at me while we dangled. I was loosing grip on my right hand and tried to do a quick regrip, but fell cuz no way in heck could I hold up my entire weight with the way the bar was angled. He got the free pass.

    Contest 2) The guy who won the hanging contest chose one of us other 3 to be his partner for the next event. He chose this athletic black guy and I was stuck with this guy who was like 38 and weighed in 2 lbs. over the limit of 225 after having taken off almost all his clothes, but they let him slide. I figured we were doomed. Second contest had one person suspended and one person on ground from each team. I chose to be suspended. In first part of the competition he had to run from one spot, reach into a tank of live carnivorous eels and grab a bean bag off the bottom of the tank. He then had to run back toward me, stopping at a certain line and toss the bean bag to me suspended like 8 feet up with a bucket. We got four and the other team got 4. Second part of competition - They gave me and the other suspended person on the other team 3 dead octupi. We kept one in each hand and put one in the pouch of an apron they put on us. We were then lifted back to 2.5 stories and were to swing on a pendelum and throw the octupi to our partners who were across the arena with buckets, but they were harnessed to a rail so they had limited range of motion. My partner would not be able to get it if I threw it too short or too far. They pulled me back and released me with two octupi in my hands and one in the pouch. My first toss I released to far toward the peak of my pendelum closest to him and essentially knocked him in the face. He dropped it, other team caught theirs. Second one, I adjusted and my partner caught it and so did the other team. Now I had one left to tie and they had one to win. By this time I was all contorted on my line and was turning backwards away from him as I reached the apex of the pendelum away from him for my last throw. I knew I needed to release it or it was over, so I just chucked it over my shoulder across the arena without even seeing him and he was able to reach out and catch it :). The other team was trying to get the 3rd one for the win, but in the process missed the third one and one of the two in their bucket fell out, so my team won 2-1 and we advanced to the finals, facing off against each other. I swear, that octupus toss over my shoulder that traveled like 50 feet into his bucket was some sort of highlight. Not 2 maybe three people in the world could have pulled that off.

    Finals) I was amped cuz I was in much better shape than my opponent. This was mine to lose. We had to climb a ladder with water falling on us jump from window sill to window sill right to left and up pulling flags off until we jumped from the last ledge onto a fireman pole with a red flag with a key attached to it.
    We would take that key to a car and start it and the car began to lift off the ground on a huge pulley. We then were lift like 2.5 stories and on signal jumped out of the car (It had no roof) onto the hood and rip three flags off the front of the hood that were hanging. There was a handle near where the windshield wipers are to prevent us from falling. We then had to jump back into the car and into the backseat, grab an electronic rocket launcher aim it at the set where there was a big target and pull the trigger. The trigger denotated the pyrotecnics and the facade of the building fell down over the host who safeley was positioned right where the open door fell. Starting the competition, the water was flippin unreal pounding down on me. I had goggles on but couldn't see shyte. Fortunately there were grip strips on all the surfaces, or I'd have been toast. The other guy got his first flag before me cuz I could hear the host giving the play by play. I eventually adapted to the raging water and got all four flags off the sills and slid down the fireman pole with the red flag with the key to the car. My flippin goggles were so blurry and watery that I couldn't see how to put the dang key in. I finally figured out which direction to put it in, but it was upside down, then I flipped it over, put it in and turned the key. By this time, my opponent had caught up and was like only 2 seconds behind me. I got the go to jump out of my car onto the hood first. I grabbed the flags like it was my job and leaped from the hood all the way into the backseat, untangled the stupid electronic rocket launcher that was on a cable so it wouldn't free fall and shot the bullseye for the win. My opponent was still on the hood :)

    I was lead backstage, showered and was presented a certificate, a shirt and four passes to Universal. It was pretty sweet. I was pissed that they didn't offer us a video of it or at least let us purchase it. Pfft!!!

    Anyway, that's my story. It was so frigging surreal. Here I was going to the theme park with my girlfriend for a nice date and next thing I'm dangling 5-stories high in front of 1,000 people and doing acrobatic octupi tosses.

    Unreal stuff my friends. You all would have loved it. I honestly can't stop thinking about the octopus toss over my shoulder blindly to my partner 50 feet away for the clincher into the finals :)

    We had to make a little cameo video that they showed on the jumbo trons before the competition saying our name, where we were from and why we would win.

    I said "I'm Jeff from Orlando and I'm doing this to get brownie points with the girlfriend and to wax these punks!!!"

    I'll post the pics soon.


    Sorry for the long post, but it was flippin unreal!!!

  6. Good thing you already had practice on that hood stunt in Scottsdale at the Jack-In-The-Box drive through. Did you make bunny ears with the windshield wipers this time too?

  7. I was gonna fly you and Veena in on my dime and give you two of the passes, but after that comment, pfft!!! Guy!!!

  8. I liked the "not 2 maybe three" reference!

  9. That was in there for you guy.

    During the audition they asked us to say our names and say what we were our biggest fear was. People were saying things like snakes, being trapped under water...

    I said "The Gators losing!!!"

  10. Here is a video reel of the event. You can get the gist of it. Spiders and eating sour milk and worms were for select audience members. I got the easy part :)

    Fear Factor Live @ Universal Studios Orlando

  11. LOL, one of the statements that was on the form that I had to accept stated something like, "I understand that I may be ridiculed or embarrased and accept this."

    Thanks for all the prep work to help me qualify James William, et. all. Guys!!!