Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tebow's playing time

Tebow to play two series every game...


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  2. From Naples newspaper:

    The "Tebow Plan" is nearly installed. By Sunday, Florida should know when and just how often it wants freshman quarterback Tim Tebow to play during games.

    Thursday, offensive coordinator Dan Mullen suggested Tebow will play roughly two series a game regardless of opponent.

    Coach Urban Meyer failed to pinpoint playing time Friday, but did insist there will be plenty of it.

    "We'd like to get him in games as early as possible," Meyer said. "We haven't set the exact times and the exact plays but we won't run the gamut. To be honest with you he can't run the whole gamut. But he can run some playes - it's the Tebow Plan."

    Last season, the Gators formulated a package for backup Josh Portis that drastically differed from what starter Chris Leak was running. Tebow is as athletic as Portis. However, Tebow can throw more accurately, which has prompted the coaching staff to maintain continuity between the game plan of Leak and his backup. This is not to say that Tebow has his throwing touch all figured out. On the contrary, Meyer continues to tweak with the quarterback's hard throws.

    "He's a gorilla playing quarterback," Meyer said. "We're trying to make him into a quarterback."

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