Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bleep the Big Least, etc...

Mountaineers this, Mountaineers that. It is a hoax and a crock that all teams do not have Title Games, aside from the fact that the Big East is a joke.

I will be rooting for Rutgers and the other bottom dweller Big Least teams vs. Louisville and West Virginia - believe it.



  1. You could have continued this discussion under the poll thread... but... WVU is for real if the Sugar Bowl was any indication. That doesn't vindicate the puke schedule they have. How crappy would it be to be a WVU fan? Would you want to watch that season? I sure as hell wouldn't. They get what they deserve come bowl season. It may be a one game take all season for them

  2. Go UCONN and USF. It's just a sham that the NCAA allows such discrepencies in BCS qualifications. I mean it really defies logic.

    Not that you watch/care about baseball, but here's an example: There are 30 teams in MLB. Like in the late 90s, the commish switched one of the teams from the AL into the NL, giving one league 16 and one 14. With three divisions, this means one team in the NL with 16 teams has 6 teams in a division and one team in the AL with 14 teams only has 4 teams in a division.

    With division leaders automatically making the postseason, a team in the AL with only 3 other teams in their division has a 25% chance of making the playoffs, whereas the unlucky souls to be in the NL division with 6 teams have only a 17% chance. With everyone else having a fair 20% chance.

    Insane. I honestly don't know how some of this stuff actually exists. Must be some sabre formula or something.

  3. But yes, WVU is for real, but get a damn schedule. I really hope they/Louisville or anyone for that matter are punished for that and the title game.

    Obviously this is not a new issue.