Wednesday, August 16, 2006 CFB Preview



  1. No surprise here although the ACC folks would of course argue. The Big Ten does look good. Unfortunately WVU will run through the Big Least if Louisville doesn't beat them.

    1. SEC: There are four teams ranked in the top 11 and eight teams in the top 40; no conference is stronger top to bottom.
    2. BIG TEN: The league has two clear favorites, but it could finish the year with as many as five teams in the top 20.
    3. BIG 12: The South has a pair of heavyweights and a couple of teams ready to break out, while four teams in the North could surprise.
    4. ACC: With nine schools in the top 50, the balance is hard to overlook. All that's missing is a dominant team.
    5. PAC-10: While USC's run has been impressive, it's time for another challenger to step up in this top-heavy conference.
    6. BIG EAST: Where would the weakest BCS conference be without West Virginia and Louisville?

  2. Vice versa with Louisville in your WVU point. Basically, whoever wins that game needs to have a Rutgers beat them.