Saturday, November 29, 2008

SECCG Pregame


  1. This is basically Frazier vs. Ali:

    Has too much been made about the contrast in styles between Florida and Alabama?

    Danielson: "I don't think enough is being made out of it. The great fights, the great matchups, style makes the fight. I've been doing this for a long time. I've done two national championships and done pretty much every big rivalry. This is the most intriguing matchup I've ever done and basically it's because of the styles. This is basically Frazier vs. Ali. This is ugly vs. pretty. This is new vs. old. This is spread out vs. tight. You can pick an angle here and you've got a contrasting style. ... Whoever wins will be which team overcomes a big mistake and doesn't get in awe of the enormity of the game. Remember when Florida won the national championship game? Ohio State ran back the opening kickoff."

  2. Do you expect Percy Harvin to play?

    Danielson: "Yeah, he'll play. He's played so many times with a bad ankle. I'm sure he will play. Play calling and strategy is always 50 percent of what you have and 50 percent of what you think you have. Even if Harvin isn't 100 percent, Alabama has to keep in mind the other 50 percent."

  3. Rainey will be playing with a groin injury that will require surgery most likely when the season is over. Meyer says he has had it for 5 or 6 weeks now.

  4. The subheading should say roll over the tide! :)

    Wish I was going to be there this weekend. Those of you going to the game, cheer loudly!