Saturday, November 22, 2008

Citadel Postgame


  1. From a message board fan:

    I have to share this with all of you.
    Our seats are in Sec 10 Row 1 and located just behind backs and receivers. Saturday was my son's 6th birthday so we made him a sign that said Hey Gators its my Birthday. Quite a few of the players told him happy birthday or smiled,waved or gestured to him. After Percys' play from the shotgun when he had to reverse his direction to score, he returned to the bench and sought out my son to tell him he would give my son his gloves after the game. And true to his word he did with a big grin and happy birthday as well.
    I cant describe how happy it made my son and us for Percy to ackowledge a young fan in what may have been his last game at the swamp.
    I hope all Gator fans are aware that Percy has not only been one of the greatest Gator players ever, he is also a class act.

  2. That is almost as good as Ike coming back to us at the Swamp.

    That one is hard to beat.

    Sweet stuff.