Saturday, September 06, 2008

Week 3 Random Posts


  1. ChrisT,

    Thanks for getting those body boards at Bruce's in Cocoa Beach. I didn't need my nipples anyway.

  2. My bad I should of got the wetsuit also. lol

  3. All SEC football games on CBS this season will also be available to watch online for free.

    Seventeen games, including the conference championship, will be shown on, the network announced Tuesday.

    CBS has previously done the same with college basketball games during the NCAA tournament.

    Florida's next game, at Tennessee, will be on CBS at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 20.

  4. Not that it should matter, as we should beat the snot out of them anyway, but...

    The Arkansas vs. Texas game scheduled for this weekend will now be played on Sat. Sep. 27.

    Arkansas was to have a bye before they played us, but not anymore with the reschedule due to Hurricane Ike.

  5. After 3 weeks of Peacock football evaluation there should only be 3 games left in our regular season that I should have to even turn on the TV for:


    We lose any of the others and we are not worthy.

  6. I would add SC to that list.

    How about those buckeyes? I am sure my colleagues will be grouchy on Monday...ugh

  7. Don't worry, they will return to their Big 10 schedule and feel like Kings of the Mountain in a week.

  8. Hey need 2 tickets for ole miss for myself and 2 for a friend let me know if anyone has any thanks.

  9. Heather and I plan on attending the Ole Miss game too. We'll try scalping tix and if unsuccessful, just watching the game from the tailgate.

  10. Mike,

    I don't have an extra for that game, but I see that a bunch are available on Stubhub for under $60 in the north endzone.

    By the way, the game is at 12:30pm.


  11. Besides their opening-day win this year vs. N.C. State, South Carolina has not won a game since they beat North Carolina last October 13.

    That is 1-7 for Spurrier over his last 8. Yowsers!!!

    Good thing they play I-AA Wofford this Saturday.

  12. Anyone need tiks for homecoming? I can get some in the vet school alumni section

  13. RA, for the Kentucky game? My friend needs like 9. Let me know the details. Thanks.

  14. I would like a ticket Ruth-Ann, and a ticket to any game the someone can find tickets to.

  15. I need two tickets for Kentucky

  16. Florida head coach Urban Meyer told a story at his press conference Monday about how 5-7, 186-pound junior kick returner Brandon James won his job at the 2006 Tennessee game.

    James "He was a freshman, 18 years old, hadn't played a game and we were getting ready to go play a good Tennessee team," Meyer said, according to the press conference transcript. "I hadn't decided on a return guy and wasn't sure about putting a true freshman in there to return.

    "I jogged out of the tunnel at Neyland Stadium behind him," Meyer continued, "and it is unbelievable the things people are saying. I look at him and he starts doing the Gator chomp. That kid is not intimidated by anything, so I grabbed him and I said, 'You're the punt returner today.' That's how the decision was made."

  17. Keep hoping for a USF loss for recruiting ramifications. Those guys can easily go undefeated this year and be in the BSC NG. UCONN on Nov. 23 might be the best bet.

    Remaining Sched and their current records (Combined 9-14):

    FIU - 0-2
    NC State - 1-2
    Pitt - 1-1
    Syracuse - 0-3
    Louisville - 2-1
    Cincy - 1-1
    Rutgers - 0-2
    UCONN - 3-0
    WVU - 1-2

    No Conference Championship Game.