Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ole Miss Postgame


  1. The game needs no further mention.

    I would like to send a props out to good pals at the tailgate for prevention of going off the deep end.

    The tailgate was the only calming element yesterday.

    Thank you guys!!!

  2. Urban Meyer yesterday was claiming that the Ole Miss player hurdled our player to block the PAT, which is apparantly illegal.

    I just watched the replay in slow motion.

    Spread your legs as far as you can, fall forward immediately on the snap and you too can be Phil Trautwein.

    The only thing that Ole Miss jumped over was Trautwein's ankle in a gap so big you could drive the tailgate trailer through.

    Very very poor.

  3. Meyer on his show today:

    In the play-by-play breakdown.


    The PAT was blocked.

    We got stopped on 4th down.


    Meyer looking forward:

    How do we deal with adversity?...
    Our focus is to improve...One game at a time...Leadership...It's time for us to step up...

  4. As if the loss couldn't be bad enough, I had to listen to F-ing buckeye fans in the other room cheering every time Ole Miss scored. I was about to lose my mind!