Saturday, September 06, 2008

Miami Postgame


  1. Urban Meyer was abusing the O-line at the half.

  2. I could not believe that the booth overturned on their own accord the Carl Moore catch.

    Is someone trying to make up for the Refsu game?

    I couldn't believe they overturned the ruling on the field of a no catch. He did clearly get his elbow down, but it was not clear that possesion was had, but of course I'll take it.

  3. Major props to the Defense. MIA only got on our side of the 50 twice, one of them being our 49 and the other @ our 33 where they made the 50 yarder.

    Kudos Defense.

    Of note is that MIAs starting RB got an ankle injury in the first quarter, but our D line was doing super anyway.

  4. Randy Shannon can eat my ass:

    "In his comments Sunday about the late field goal, Shannon never mentioned Meyer's name. But it was obvious who he was talking about when he said "sometimes, when you do things and people see what type of person that you really are, you turn a lot of people off."

    Article on Gatorsports.

  5. Jim Rome is still ripping on Brandy Shannon. Check out his website before he changes it.

    Today he said that LM was right. UF is really "The U".

  6. I used to dislike Jim Rome but after reading that I have to say I am starting to like him.

  7. Wow! This article says everthing that I would have said. The whining by the u makes them look pathetic.