Monday, August 11, 2008

Hawaii Pre-Game


  1. Role Call Time.

    Our group has diminished a bit due to moves and other factors.

    If you are coming or you know who is coming that doesn't get on the blog usually, put the name down.

    I am going to have to do a modified version of the first-score game.

    As of now, I plan on putting the list of players on the blog and if you are not going to attend the game in person, you will send me a $5 check and a priority list of picks.

    There will be a witnessed selection of the picks by a non-Peacock person. From there, the picks will be made.

    Go Gators!!!

  2. You get your money when you come to the game. I am not wasting 43 cents. I also think this is a bull shit way of doing it. I also dont like change, plus there are people not on this blog who put into the pot so keep it the old way GUY!

  3. So you are telling James W. Mulford to take a hike then Christopher?

  4. He can Hike, Punt, Block, go for a two point conversion for all I care. I'll pay his 5 bucks and draw his ticket he can give me a list of preferences and if he wins I'll think about giving him the money.

  5. Better yet he can just come to the Game and help Rich and I lay floors in my house

  6. So I see you are teetering on your original hammer statement Christopher given the dire situation of the Mulford monster flip-flopping coming to the 2nd game instead of the 1st this year.

    Thats nice guy :)

  7. Ok so heres my final to appease everyone. You dont show up you dont play you dont win. Thats as fair as we can make it. I always put the Hammer down unless Ruth-Ann is involved. Then its whatever she says.

  8. Brendan Beal - torn ALC yesterday. WTF!!!???

    What they hell is our strength and conditioning program doing to these knees????

  9. Don't know if they are still available, but I know you were looking for Hawaii tix Mike:

    The Gator Ticket Office currently has single game tickets available for Hawaii, The Citadel and Arkansas (away game). Please contact the Gator Ticket Office to place your order at 1-800-344-2867.

  10. Here is the reason I brought up making a way for those that can't come to play in the first-score game.

    1) James won't be there

    2) Cousins?

    3) Heater is not coming due pregnancy.

    I am just trying to accomodate everyone that is a real TaleG8r.

    I can tell you that for sure James and Heather will be allowed to play due to their circumstances. As for the cousins, I'm not making the decision on that one, so Hungry Spinosa, consult the boss.

  11. dont show dont play dont win

  12. I'm just screwing with you Guy! do whatever you want just wanted to get you fired up a little.

  13. Pretty cool map of tailgating spots. Cool site in general.

  14. Its alright Chris I did not want to play anyways, maybe next year

  15. If we are doing the long distance thing, I'll leave my money with Ruth-Ann. If not, that will save me $5 so I'm ok with that too. I'll be back for the Miami game.

  16. I will post the players within a few days. Those who cannot attend and have someone to publically vouch for them on the blog will be able to play.

    Once I post the players, if you cannot attend, rank your players in order and confirm who is vouching for you.

    I am walking a tightrope here as far as keeping everyone involved but not letting it get out of hand.

    So far I have these people playing from afar:

    James - vouched by Jeffrey
    Heather - vouched by Jeffrey
    Jasser - vouched by Ruth Ann

  17. Posting this here because the post-nazi deleted my post:

    Who wants to go to the Arkansas game? Some friends of mine from here want to go so I'm going to get some tickets.

    Let me know if you are in.

  18. I am bringing the trailer with paper plates, soda, 20 shiners a few hotdogs with out buns so far. Anybody have anything else?

  19. Here is a more complete list then Chris sent... I can't believe it's already football season! We are looking foward to seeing everyone soon.

    Stuff we need now (for Hawaii):
    black (large) garbage bags
    tupperware containers

    Stuff we will need soon (next few games):
    Plastic knives
    paper bowls and plates
    paper towels
    more food

    Stuff we have plenty of:
    plastic forks/spoons
    smaller garbage bags and ziploc bags

    I picked up 2 cases of water for this weekend, Cassie will pick up soda. I will also get some hotdogs and brats (and buns).

    If anyone else who is coming this weekend wants to bring anything else on the list that is needed that will be great. Then maybe Jamie can start the weekly list for Miami to make sure we have everything covered.

    See you all soon.

  20. Rumor as it that Spikes and Harvin might not play vs. Hawaii. I would say Spikes is almost a no go and we'll see about Harvin. As much as I like having Harvin at full speed for the "real" season, I'd love to see that guy play every game.


  21. Florida coach Urban Meyer is encouraging Gator fans to wear white as "Gators White Out Cancer" at Saturday's season-opening game against Hawaii.


    I've been supporting this cause for 12 years now and will definitely continue to do so, and not just for the home opener.

  22. You need to wear Orange or Blue to other games dude.

  23. New endzone painting scheme.




    You guys let me know how it looks.