Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hawaii Postgame


  1. Bruce was the winner of the 2008 Gator first scorer with Brandon James @ the ninth pick.

    Pot was $60.

  2. Gooooo Gators! The Greater Columbus Area Gator Club was better than expected. It is better than nothing so at least I'll have fellow Gators to watch the games with when I'm not in Gainesville. See everyone next weekend!

  3. The game started in the 2nd quarter.

    Great to see the young guys do well.

    Great special teams and the DBs played terrificly.

    Athletes all around the field.

    Run stop seemed to be somewhat of a concern still.

  4. Fake punt not Meyer’s call

    Florida’s successful fake punt early in the second half appeared to be another brilliant call by Meyer. However, the Gators coach revealed afterward that a fake punt was not called on the play.

    Instead, punter Chas Henry improvised when he pulled the ball down on 4th and 15 and scrambled 17 yards for a first down.

    “That was going to be his last snap at the University of Florida if he didn’t get it,” Meyer said.