Sunday, August 10, 2008

2008 Gator First Scorer

Here are the Selections for those of you who cannot attend. I need an e-mail from you to with your pick order 1-whatever by the Friday, Aug. 29. I will print out your selections and have them at the tailgate.

I don't know the official depth chart so refer to Gatorzone if you need help.


  1. QB:

    Tim Tebow
    Cameron Newton
    John Brantley


    Kestahn Moore
    Emmanuel Moody
    Chris Rainy
    Mon Williams
    Chevon Walker
    Brandon James
    Jeffrey Demps


    Percy Harvin
    Louis Murphy
    Riley Cooper
    David Nelson
    Deonte Thompson
    Carl Moore


    Aaron Hernandez
    Tate Casey


    Jonathan Philips
    Caleb Sturgis


    Markihe Anderson
    Jacques Rickerson
    Wondy Pierre-Louis


    Joe Haden


    Major Wright
    Dorian Munroe
    Will Hill


    Jermaine Cunningham


    Brandon Spikes
    Dustin Doe

  2. Per James, S - D. Munroe has an ACL injury.

    In his place add:

    S: Ahmad Black

  3. I need a consensus on how to do the order to determine selection order. I usually just walk around and have people grab a card.

    Should I do it by date of birth or just walk around. Also, should those not attending be first picks or last picks.

    Personally, I am for date of birth.

    Regardless of how it goes, I did get the 1st pick selection last year despite taking the last card, so order is really not that big of a deal. And again, I did not cheat you bums!!!

  4. Anybody have any ideas how I can make Jeffs head spin around with all this? He did get me wii fit so he is the man! Those who are not present get last pick.

  5. Last draw of numbers to pick to be perfectly clear

  6. Posting this here because the post-nazi deleted my post:

    Who wants to go to the Arkansas game? Some friends of mine from here want to go so I'm going to get some tickets.

    Let me know if you are in.

  7. I don't see why just because they are absent, they must have last picks.

    They are paying $5 like everyone else.

    I will let James chime in on this matter.

    Again, I am an advocate for date of birth, but you guys let me know.

  8. Does date of birth include year?

    I gave my money to Ruth-Ann. I vote that she chooses a number for me after she picks her own and that will be my order.

  9. OK, here is what I propose and think I'm gonna go with.

    We have 3 people who will not be attending the first game, yet will be playing. I am linking them with a sponsor.

    Heather - Jeff
    James - Tommy
    Jasser - R.A.

    I like Jasser's idea of having the absentee's pick right after their sponsor.

    This being said however, the pick numbers will have to be viewed to subtract the immediate next number from the pile. As I will preside over the ceremonies, I must shouldn't make a pick after I look at cards to get the card out to subtract. Yes, I know I can shuffle them.

    Here's where you all might have a possible dispute, which really has no effect, as as I've said, I got the first pick with the last selection last year and have gotten like top 7 every year doing it that exact same way.


    I will pick first and consequently Heather will be second. I do it this way, so I can then observe the naked deck without influencing my future pick, not to get an early pick!!!

    I think it'd be easiest to do all of the absentees first, so Tommy will follow with James 4th and then R.A. with Jasser 6th. Then there will be no need to observe the face of the cards any further.

    This is the best way that I can figure it and pretty much this is how it will be unless Hungry Spinosa bites my head off.

    Feedback please.

  10. At least none of my posts have been deleted yet Thanks Guy

  11. I would like to know the list of previous winners if you still have it Peacock

  12. I think these are the past three winners and the gender of those from the two before if not more. Chris T. saved us gentlemen.

    I do believe Mike Bruscia was in there somewhere as he gave all his winnings back to buy a keg and beer for late tailgating.

    '07 - Heather
    '06 - Chris T.
    '05 - Cassie
    '04 - Female
    '03 - Female

  13. That looks right- I think i was the female in `03 and Jaime `04

  14. James and Jasser - e-mail me your picks!!!