Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweet Sixteen Gators


  1. The slew of curse words that would have come out of my mouth should we have lost to UCLA would have been epic. However I digress.

    Good job Gators!!!

  2. Great win today once again Walker hit a huge three and young played great today.

  3. UCLA played tough. It was a good win.

    Where is the love for Erv's heart Peacock?

  4. I maintain my love/hate relationship with him. There is no doubting his heart, as I have learned.

    That tremendously wild 3 and his attmepted rebound on a ball that had no need to be tracked down as it was gonna be our ball, yet he turned it over....

    He was huge though.

    I think we made that game a lot harder than it needed to be, however I will take the W and they played solid, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

    Young, on the otherhand, is fuc$ing $$$!!!

  5. Yep, love his heart!! Love it!! And yes, Young is $$... hope he stays.

  6. Didn't know exactly where to put this... but he talks about the Sweet 16 and I really wanted you guys to read this one. Probably one of my top 3 Gators of all time.

    Our motto was: Layups, dunks, fast breaks and Lee Humphrey

  7. Great read:

    Best parts:

    "Our motto was: Layups, dunks, fast breaks and Lee Humphrey."


    Jo's boombox!!!

  8. Yeah, that boombox part was hilarious. Those guys are so funny.