Monday, March 28, 2011

Gator Tourney Analysis


  1. I am bothered by ignoramuses questioning Billy D's late game call in regulation vs. Butler.

    Of course we had success feeding V. Mack in the post and of course all of our three point shooters, especially Walker.

    Ok, you feed the paint and three things can happen.

    1) Macklin scores, perhaps we win if they don't make a bucket after.

    2) We were only in the single bonus and they fould V. Mack and he misses the front end of the 1 and 1 and they get the last shot with the game tied.

    3) We feed V. Mack and the refs call him for some silly offensive foul and Butler gets two shots off the double bonus and win.


    Shooting the perimiter shot, three pointer or not was the safest choice and I believe Billy knew that. Also, taking the last shot and if you make it you win, miss OT at worst.

    I hate "analysts."


  2. I have no problem with the way the last 20 seconds of regulation played out. I just think for the last 5-8 minutes then went away from feeding the post and I still have no clue why V. Mack did not play any in the overtime.

  3. BD said after V. Mack went 1 for 2 in his first trip to the line in OT he pulled him betting that Butler would thereafter employ the hackamack. And that he was a liability on D because of the foul trouble.

  4. Good journal from Parsons: