Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tennessee Postgame


  1. Fake punt for great justice!!!

  2. Tennessee QB - "I'm extremely upset right now at myself, and we're all upset," Simms said. "We let them go tonight, and I hope they know that. We definitely could have won that game."


    Yeah you could have won if you weren't the QB.

  3. Good offensive gameplan. We played to tire them out in the beginning knowing that our D would stop them and then got more balanced. I approve Addazio. Brantley still mostly uncertain.

  4. The beauty of technology and communicaton:

    It was a game-changing few minutes that all started with the fake punt.

    "We've been working on that since the beginning of the year," Meyer said. "We tried to get the numbers, and we got the numbers, and they executed well. As soon as I heard from the press box we had numbers, I knew all we had to do was execute it."

  5. Correct comment about Simms. He was not very good.

    Brantley was $ on 3rd downs though.