Monday, December 10, 2007

Capital One Bowl Pregame


  1. Looks like Veena and I are in. Who else?

  2. Hotel information:

    Chateau De Uhle (Peacock not on current mortgage)

    127 Clowson Ct.
    Ocoee, FL 34761

    10.5 milezzz away from stadium.

    Please post overnight reservations here.

  3. Tailgate??? What are the plans? 1 p.m. kick. The area is extremely ghetto if we are unable to obtain a spot on property.

    The option of tailgating @ Chateau de Uhle and caravaning is out there. Discuss.

    As for New Year's Eve, perhaps Universal Studios City Walk. Honestly, Orlando is a crap hole and Universal City Walk is clean and a nice option. Discuss.

  4. Peacock/Uhle will be here the weekend prior to the bowl game if you would like to make an extended vacation out of it. Peacock has to work Mon. Dec. 31 and Wed. Jan. 2 and he sucks.

    You all are more than welcome to have a long visit.

  5. I don't see it on the Map.?

    Veena and I are looking into flights. The price will dictate our stay. We will at least be there from Sunday (30th) to Wednesday (2nd). We may look into getting there a day or two earlier.

  6. To vote against Tim Tebow in this year's Heisman race is to vote against all that makes America great.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to turn this into some 1950s House Un-American Activities Committee Commie witch hunt. That might be how Fox News would run its Heisman watch, but that's not my style.

    Gregory Hardy CBS Sportsline

  7. Chris, Cassie and I need tiks. Not sure when we are coming up, probably won't come up until the morning of the game, but if we can come for New Year's Eve we will let you know.

  8. Parking is murder down there. I have already prepaid my parking. It was $18 and I am in Lot R.

    I would suggest prepaying.


  9. My buddy Jenny who used to work at for the Citrus Bowl has been told that Michigan sent back most of their allotted tix. Allegedly 2/3 of the stadium will be Gators. :)

  10. How many people are going to the game? My car can hold at least 7 people comfortably and more on an uncomfortable short drive. Do you guys want to split a parking pass for the game?

  11. The count that I have in my car is 5. James, Veena, Jeff, Heather and Jordan.

    I have a parking pass already and can use my car for the game. R.A. and Chris make 7. I assume more people are going than 7, so a second pass would be needed.

    Dunno Rich' plans.

    Buy a pass if you can or are worried.

  12. Confirmations that I have so far:

    Ruth Ann

    Is that right? The G-ville trio coming New Years' Eve? Jordan is only coming for the day.

    I have no objections to one car and I already have the pass. Are these our final numbers pretty much?

  13. I think that is the final tally at this point.

  14. I concur- that is the final number. The G-ville trio are trying to come for New Year's eve. We have a babysitter just need to get Chris off call. We will hopefully know in the next week.

  15. Sounds good. That makes a room for everyone. Cassie, your room is the living room, but it's got the bonus TV.

  16. Sorry to take Superman's name in vane, but Tim Tebow this is crazy!

    The Gator Booster priority point cut-off number established to fill ticket orders for the Capital One Bowl is 259.00 points.

    All season ticket holders who fall below this point total will be completely refunded.

    I'm not at home and can't recall, but I think I have under 100 pts. Not even close.

    Thanks Wallace!

  17. Scott Reese and Sak are coming also. Now we are all trying to figure out what to do New Year's Eve.

    I don't really care what we do. My input:

    1) Downtown sux

    2) Universal City Walk is an option

    3) Bobby's party? Location?


    We will prob. leave for the stadium no later than 10:30 or so on the 1st and we can cab it New Year's Eve.

    Let me know.

  18. Cassie will also be coming New Years Eve and is not quite 21 yet. So she has voluntered to be DD if we want to drive.

  19. I don't care what we do as long as Cassie is also allowed in.

  20. I checked out the citywalk website- it costs $119 per person and has a 21 age limit.
    Universal city walk

  21. Good eye Ruth Ann. I just heard on the radio that they are having a concert, hence the cost. Eliminate that as an option.

    Bobby's house is about 10 miles north of downtown and about 20 miles from my house. James, figure out what he expects scene-wise. Get some ideas of what else there is to do, as he's lived here for a while.

    I forgot that they will prob. do a block party Downtown, which is actually pretty good. So my old version of saying downtown sux, needs some ammending for a block party. Cassie would be able to get in and you pay like $10/$20 and have entry to like 10 bars and they have a cover band on a set, etc... That might be the best option.

    Continue to brainstorm.

  22. New Year's Church Street
    Here is something on downtown, couldn't find anything else on it, and can't find an age limit, but it does seem like most places have a 21 limit. Dadgummit Cassie get a fake ID.

  23. Damn R.A., you have found all the good stuff and you are not even from here. Heather was looking at that earlier and the $55 package looks to be the best. Just no imports.

  24. I don't see why Cassie couldn't just pay the $40 admission, which just gets her in. Does not include an alcohol bracelet.

  25. What did Rutlege get dismissed from the team for? Also, Hernandez to FB for Capital One Bowl. That's nice.

  26. I can come down New Years Day if you guys want to go out. Not a huge deal to me. Or I'll find someone to make me a fake ID.. yea, right. Anyway whichever is okay with me. Thanks for thinking about me though!

  27. Cassie, you are in it to win it. We have options that include under 21 so we will choose one of them.

  28. I've asked Bobby if his party involves mashed potatoes. I'll post an update when I hear back.

  29. Rutledge: one game suspension (10% of season) for a failed drug test. This amounts to the rest of his career unfortunately.

  30. So does Urban Meyer minimize C.I.'s touches to perhaps negatively affect his NFL forecast. Interesting call on that one. I'd have to say despite us wanting him to return, the guy did play a phenomenal game vs. OSU to win the NCG last year, so give him his due. That being said, all Ingram is gonna do in the NFL is be the equivalent of Donnell Harvey to the NBA, which isn't a whole lot at all. D. Baker hasn't even made the official Pittsburgh roster, albeit he left after his eligibility was done.

  31. Cunningham charges dropped. Should play in bow.

    Interesting that twice this year the victims dropped the charges against football players.

  32. Gator Jamboree hosted by Gator Boosters, Inc. and the University of Florida Alumni Association.

    Come ring in the New Year with the Gator Nation at the Gator Jamboree inside the Capital One FanFest on January 1, 2008. Join Dr. Machen, Shelley Meyer, Albert & Alberta and appearances by the Gator Cheerleaders and Band as the Gators get ready to take on the Michigan Wolverines.

    What: Gator Jamboree
    When: January 1, 2008 at 11am
    Where: Capital One Fan Fest
    Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium- McCracken Field
    Cost: $10 per person entry fee into FanFest. For more information on FanFest or to purchase your FanFest entry ahead of time visit

  33. Dash pick: Kentucky 25, What's Left Of Florida State 14.

  34. College Football Fans! Get your picture taken with the Heisman Memorial Trophy at the following Capital One Bowl events:

    *Sunday, December 30th at the Capital One Bowl Pep Rallies located at the Bowl-a-Palooza FanFest inside the Orange County Convention Center
    *Monday, December 31st at the Capital One Bowl Kickoff Luncheon located at the Renaissance Orlando Resort
    *Tuesday, January 1st at the Capital One FanFest prior to the big game

  35. I talked to Bobby and his party is still on so it is a definite option for us. He has a pool table and just got a wii for Christmas. He said he is grilling, but if we come to bring whatever we like to drink.