Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vandy Pregame


  1. Per Gainesville Sun, Percy might be our running back with perhaps 20 touches per game along with B.J. citing holding onto the ball issues of Moore.

  2. Starting Def. tackle Estopinan tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in Saturday's 42-30 loss to Georgia.

    Out for season.

  3. B. James to start at RB and Moore to play some if he does not fumble in practice this week.

  4. LOL from EDSBS:

    A horror-action movie in which almost everyone dies in a splatter of acid-blood and gunfire ... almost. Vanderbilt traditionally plays several levels above its pay-grade in games against Florida -- they nearly pulled off an upset in the Swamp two years ago. Were it not for the cheapest unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty in the history of cheap unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties called on Earl Bennett's end-zone shimmy, Vandy would have been throwing for a two-point conversion and the biggest win in the history of Commodore football.

    (See? Look! Fair and balanced coverage from an avowed Florida fan. We didn't deserve the onside kick in the Outback Bowl against Iowa, either. Life's not fair, and that can be a glorious thing sometimes.)

    Florida's defense now consists of three freshmen and a tackling dummy at defensive tackle, a group of extremely flammable freshmen on the corners, three competent linebackers and two talented defensive ends. So they're basically playing 5-on-11 ball against opponents.

    Even with a banged-up non-throwing shoulder, QB Tim Tebow and the Florida offense still can put up points. Vandy, however, will rack up alarming numbers, too, simply because Florida's secondary spends most of its time fighting invisible bees and staring directly at the sun.

    An easy upset call in a year full of upsets chokes on one important fact: Vandy nearly is as injury-riddled as Florida, with two cornerbacks and two quarterbacks each limping into the game.

    Vandy coach Bobby Johnson says his QB situation is so dire that freshman Jared Funk might play. The mere prospect of a freshman throwing his first collegiate pass in a game at Florida Field is enough to plop us firmly on the favorite's wagon.

    The body count will be incredible. The firefights will scorch the eyes. In the end, though, the home team escapes a bloody, chaotic fracas. The pick: Florida, surviving by pushing Vandy out of the airlock and into space.