Sunday, October 07, 2007

LSU Postgame

"I don't know if I've ever done this, but I guarantee we'll be back," Meyer said defiantly. "The Florida Gators will be back. Smokin'."


  1. Tennessee next 3 weeks:
    10/13 @ Miss St.
    10/20 @ Bama
    10/27 S Car

    Miss St. looks easy, but we know that the SEC West patsy is not always as easy as it looks.

    Bama is their west rivalry and that game is always tough.

    Fulmer is SOS's beyatch.

  2. Turnovers did it tonight. Our O TOP was very low in the second half as a result.
    Last 4 Drives:

    1. 2:40, 6 plays, 30 yrds, fumble @ 50
    2. :47, 2 plays, 4 yrds, INT @ own 20
    3. :55, 3 plays, 6 yrds, PUNT (B. James ruled OOB on kickoff set us back to start drive)
    4. 1:09, 7 plays, 34 yrds, End of Game

    Until the fumble our O was very effective keeping LSU's O off the field.

  3. How was that B. James play overruled??? What indisputable camera angle did they have that we did not? I saw green in every one of those angles.

    You can argue that it didn't matter, but I would argue that we only punted one other time tonight. I certainly think our offensive play calling may have been different starting at the 24 vs the 14. LSU sandwiched that 3 and out with 2 TDs. If we had sustained a drive there who knows what would have been different.

  4. I liked our offensive gameplan tonight. Can't complain too much about it.

  5. I lost a lot of hair when we finally called that first timeout of the 2nd half. What the ??

  6. Our D grew up a lot tonight. We pressed at the corners all night and it gave much better results. We are starting to be able to rely on the DBs. This will turn into a strength. Remember A. Lott back in the day.

    They still made some mistakes and did allow 5/5 4th down conversions, but they kept us in the game. With one less turnover we win the game. Major Wright and Joe Haden had great games. Big mistake by Haden on that pass interference, but he came up big again and again on open field tackles and some coverages. On that pick it was underthrown and he would have given up some big yardage... but great concentration to pull it in.

    We also got some pressure, but not enough. It still needs to improve.

  7. Interesting TD celebration by Tebow on the first TD. I thought he meant "right call", but some poster on Gator Country said that LSU fans somehow got his cell number and filled his voice mail... so apparently it was in response to all those calls.

  8. Well I must applaud the Gators tremendously for their performance. We outplayed LSU but the motto of the game I think was "Just Enough." That's what we gave and what they got.

    Before I forget, how many damn times are we gonna give up a 3rd and long for like over 10 yards. Wrong and Dumb!!!

    What hurt the most to me is that we had that game and gave it away. LSU did not beat us. We beat ourselves and that's what tears at the soul.

    Having the ball for like 6 total minutes in the 2nd half... Two unforced turnovers... Defenses failure to make a stop... Tony Joiner, go back to the tow lot, cuz that's the only headlines you garner... Urban Meyer timeout???...That B.J. return that they reversed after like a 5 minute review that showed no evidence...

    That loss hurt, cuz we played so so well and then so so mediocre which led to the L.

    In the end, I applaud the Gators for a tremendous effort and feel for them for not getting the W.

    Just enough. Blah!!!

  9. That Flynn scrample on 3rd and 16 looked to come up 2 or 3 yards short. Next thing I know it is 4th and 1! ? I'll have to watch that play again.

  10. We got a most favorable spot one time too.

    I must give credit to Les Miles for gambling. His head woulda been had if he failed, but that's hindsight now.

    Getting burned on that fake FG hurt.

  11. Meyer show:
    Meyer said he does not usually say he is proud of a team that lost but that some young players had a really good game

    The 5/5 4th down conversions and 2 turnovers in 2nd half lost the game

    All that matters now is getting to SEC championship

    Hayden said during interview that they played their hearts out and gave it everything they had but it just wasn't enough

  12. Meyer:

    · On what weighed heaviest on his mind as he tried to sleep the night after: "The first thought that comes to mind are the turnovers. And the fourth-down plays that (LSU) had; all you have to do is stop them one time . . . and not have those turnovers."

    · On the Tim Tebow pass that hit Cornelius Ingram in the helmet and became an interception: "He ran the wrong route" and got in the way of a pass to another player.

    · On allowing so much time to run off the clock on LSU's final TD push before finally burning one of three timeouts: "We were fully aware (of what was going on). That's about the right time I wanted to call a timeout. I wanted to save as many timeouts as I could because I thought it'd come down to a two-minute drill."

    · And why they eventually called their first timeout after about 20 seconds elapsed following LSU's second-down play: "The defensive coaches were saying that the defense was fatigued."