Saturday, July 07, 2007

Tailgate Menu

Ted and I were discussing the tailgate menu today and here is what we have so far.

Sat Sep 1 - Western Kentucky Hilltoppers - 6:00PM(ET)
- Chicken Curry

Sat Sep 8 - Troy Trojans- 6:00PM(ET)
- Lamb Kabobs, Taziki sauce, Pitas

Sat Sep 15 - Tennessee Vols - 3:30PM(ET)
- Shrimp Boil

Sat Sep 29 - Auburn Tigers/Plainsmen/War Eagle - TBA
- Smoked Ribs/BBQ and fixins

Sat Oct 27 - Georgia Dawgs- TBA
- Chilli Dawg Po-Boys

Sat Nov 3 - Vanderbilt Comodores(HC) - TBA
- Fish & Chips

Sat Nov 17 - Florida Atlantic Owls - TBA
- Cuban Roast Pork and Blackbeans and Rice

Sat Nov 24 -Florida State Criminoles - TBA
- Thanksgiving Feast (DeepFried Turkey ..... mmmmmmm Turkey)


  1. I'll have some Burgers, Dogs, and Brats for the picky people such as myself

  2. I like the Oysters idea. Can you get them Bruce? Or maybe Mike?

  3. OK guys,
    Ted and I were trying to keep this simple and to the point.
    We know about the usual burgers and Brats(Those are at every game) and yes there will be beer. But we were looking for specific adds/deletions/changes to the menus.

    I like the Oysters and Fajitas suggestions, but which game(s).

  4. What about Peacocks cheesy poofs :) And Fajita's sound good if they are Chicken. I think we should do a Taco Salad too. That's always yummy and pretty easy to make.

  5. i can get oysters cheap at any time just let me know

  6. I could do fajitas for the first game... but I don't want to trump chicken curry. I guess we could have both or move the chicken curry to another weekend? Or I suppose I could do the fajitas another weekend.


  7. I'm Mike D and I'm back from the dead...