Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random Off-Season Posts



  1. Last Wednesday, March 28, was my 6-month anniversary with my girlfriend Heather. I proposed to her and she is now my fiancee!!! Yes, yes, Peacock is engaged.

    I figured that if she could put up with me for 6 months, I better throw a lasso around her. JK.

    I plan to have her come up with me to the Orange and Blue Game so some of you can meet her and obviously she will be a mainstay during next year's football season. I warn you, she is a Miami Hurricane fan. However this will not be for much longer :)

    Anyway, that's all I got for now. I'll post pics later.

  2. Are you walking the line?

    Congrats, Guy! Heather is cool... you are lucky. Don't know how you did it! :)

  3. Interesting Bernie Machen comments from a recent interview:

    SPLN: That raises another question. What did you think of Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany's open letter comparing the Big Ten to the SEC?

    Dr. M: It's ridiculous. What a homer. I was at Michigan (as provost and dean of the school of dentistry). I know how they get in at Michigan. Don't talk to me about the Nobel laureates at Michigan.

    Just look at Greg Oden's class schedule this semester. The Big Ten has fought the conference playoff, then they (complain) because Ohio State doesn't have a game in 48 days. (Actually 51 between the last game of the season and the BCS title game. The Big Ten traditionally ends its regular-season football schedule before Thanksgiving).

    Whose fault is that? What's happened is the world has moved, the Big Ten is no longer calling the shots.

    SPLN: Does the rest of college athletics have a chance against Florida?

    Dr. M: My fans here are telling me that the Ohio State thing has gotten ugly. They have us on their radar screen. They dislike us as much as they dislike Michigan.

  4. On that note for everyone who hasn't heard I got married 2 months ago on the 12th. Everyone who hasn't met her will at the O & B game.

  5. Does she have her green card?

  6. She teaches Kindergarten. They'll let anyone be a teacher, but yeah, she's good.

  7. I'll miss her at the O&B game Bruce... maybe sometime this summer or at the first game next year.

  8. Pfft. Not making it to Orange and Blue Game due to a wedding to attend with fiancee. The duties begin.


  9. That's ok P-Cock... you gotta choose wisely now. Just look at missing the O&B game as an investment in next football season!

  10. Finally watched the Bball Championship Celebration today.

    Two titles, two new courts!!!

    What are they doing with the one from '06? Putting it in as the practice court?

  11. Found out about the floor from the Gainesville Sun:


    Florida fans who packed the O'Connell Center on Friday night to celebrate the Gators' second straight national title saw another familiar floor inside the arena.

    Florida again purchased the floor used for the Final Four and displayed it during the celebration. The floor cost $71,000. Last year, Florida bought the floor used in Indianapolis and used that floor, after it was re-painted, during the season.

    This time around, UF is working with the floor manufacturer — Connor Flooring — which will cut the Atlanta floor into pieces (1 foot by 2 feet) that will be sold to help fund the school's scholarship programs. The pieces will be available in four-to-six weeks and will be sold for $199 each.

  12. P-cock, why do you think I posted this link?

    shiregators said...
    TaleG8rs: 2007 NCAA BBall Tourney

    4/06/2007 07:40:00 PM

    Life moves by pretty quickly... if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

  13. I shall slay you with your Lord of the Rings bayonette.

  14. What is the scheduled date for the White House to be permanently painted Orange and Blue?

  15. You guys are a bunch of nappy-headed hos!!!

  16. Rule changes go back to stopping the clock on possession changes and not starting it on kickoffs until the receiving team touches the ball. Another change they made was kicking off from the 30 instead of the 35 to allow for more returns. The NFL also kicks off from the 30.

  17. Prayers to all of the Hokies!!!

  18. Mo Collins Cooper Carlisle!!!

    Also of note:

    Joakim Noah Brindise
    David Lee Humphrey
    Reidel Anthony Roberson
    Fred Taylor Jacobs or Travis Taylor Jacobs
    Eric Wilbur Marshall

    More to come as I remember.

  19. Udonis Haslem finished the season with:

    10.7 PPG and 8.3 REBPG.

    His REBPG avg. is 16th in the NBA.

    David Lee was having a spectacular season for the Knicks before injuring his leg and missing the last 2.5 months of the season. His REBPG were sick.

  20. Stop the Mo Fo Press!!!

    From the Miami Heat Official Website under Udonis' Personal information:

    "enjoys football and his favorite teams are the Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes."

    That is either a huge and unlawful typo or U.D. has some serious issues.

  21. Alabama had 92000 at their spring game.

  22. 92k? Wow. Did it say how many they had last year?

  23. Didnt say but their previous best was 52000. Ohio State also had high numbers at 75000.

  24. Underclassmen are jumping to the NBA from "dominant" programs like crazy.

    Oden, Conley Jr. and Cook from OSU declared.

    Key players from Texas, UNC, Kansas, etc. have also left.

  25. David Lee got 4th in the voting for the NBA's Sixth Man Award. He only played 60 of 82 games due to injury.

  26. I guess Bama hopes are high with Saban.

  27. Saban was wearing a suit on the sidelines during the game.

    That guy is a snake oil salesman.

  28. James, it is officially the offseason after the Stars loss. What will you do with yourself? Time to make up lost time with Veena?

  29. Gator Draft Results:

    Jarvis Moss:
    Denver with the 17th overall pick in the 1st round

    Reggie Nelson:
    Jacksonville with the 21st overall pick in the 1st round

    Ray McDonald:
    San Francisco with the 34th pick in the 3rd round, 97th overall

    Marcus Thomas:
    Denver with the 22nd pick in the 4th round (Denver traded 2 draft spots to move up to get him, 121st overall

    Joe Cohen:
    San Francisco with the 36th pick in the 4th round, 135th overall

    Ryan Smith:
    Tennessee with the 32nd pick in the 6th round, 206 overall

    Dallas Baker:
    Pittsburgh with the 17th pick in the 7th round, 227th overall

    Deshawn Wynn:
    Greeen Bay with the 18th pick in the 7th round, 228th overall

    Brandon Siler:
    San Diego with the 30th pick in the 7th round, 240th overall

    Undrafted but signed as free agents:

    Leak signed with Chicago, Billy Latsko signed with Carolina, Steve Rissler with Dallas, Jemalle Cornelius with Buffalo, Reggie Lewis with Buffalo, Steven Harris with Denver, Brian Crum with Kansas City and Eric Wilbur with the Houston Texans. Earl Everett was weighing offers and was expected to sign with a team on Sunday night.

  30. Everett signed with Cincy.

  31. Everett was on crutches at the O&B game. Any info on that?

  32. hi... here's a few things you might wanna know about..

    1. we have a new record coming out
    2. it's gonna be sick
    3. we're playing a bunch of shows this summer (see below)
    4. they're gonna be sick
    5. we're gonna play some instrumental only shows also... (you know..drums..bass..guitar..keyboard..percussion..)
    6. better call your doctor..cause they're gonna be sick
    7. it's gonna be a gala event
    8. we're changing up the website...sick
    9. got new gear coming soon...again...sick..
    10. go see a tailor and get tapered up...

  33. That was so GLORIOUS!!!

    Dunno why, but I forgot that passing play was the first play of the drive.

    Also, G.D. on the game call. Bonus.

    I like how the announcers just let the crowd noise play for like a minute after the huge INT!!!

    I would have to say that that is the loudest ever at the Swamp. #2 or possibly even #1B is the shreaking girls moment after the SC block this year.

  34. Anyone interested in going to any away games this upcoming season? If so let me know by Monday (May 14).

  35. One down one more to go!!!!!

  36. Jamie I plan on going to the KY game but cant be sure that I will be able to make it.

  37. 1 down, 1 to go is right! Good news.

    CHRIST -- well if you want me to get you tickets to the UK game let me know by Tuesday afternoon. However, you are probably better off scalping them because it would be cheaper.

  38. Stupid Gators

    What's up with our stupid football and basketball players who can't stay away from pot. You would think they would have learned something from Marcus Thomas last year. Although I will miss Brandon James, I hope they kick him off the team with no 2nd chances to make an example out of him. Maybe seeing him screw himself out of NFL millions will make the rest of them think twice.

  39. I'm so buying that game when it comes out. And, I agree this smoking pot stuff is pretty lame. When will people learn?

  40. Cassie

    Just buy it for the regular xbox so I can play too

  41. Marcus Thomas failed multiple drug tests. These guys were caught buying it. Although it involves marijuana, it cannot be compared to Ganja Thomas.

    I expect B. James to be suspended a few games, not kicked off the team until another offense.

    And you know you don't want B. James off the team, example or not.

    But who knows.

  42. Check out this awesome quote from this week's SI blogs:

    With the Patriots in the NFL, the Spurs in the NBA, USC in college football and Florida in college everything, dynasties have become ubiquitous lately, which makes them more annoying than exciting.

  43. From ESPN ranking top players. Note the Horford comment under Tier 2. Draft is June 28.


    TIER 1
    Greg Oden
    Kevin Durant

    Note: There seems to be a clear preference for Oden among GMs, but everyone agrees both players have superstar potential and are clearly the consensus top two in the draft.


    TIER 2
    Corey Brewer
    Mike Conley
    Jeff Green
    Al Horford
    Yi Jianlian
    Brandan Wright

    Note: One team expanded this tier to include all of Tier 3, essentially making Tier 2 the third through 12th picks, but most everyone else made a cut right before the players in Tier 3. I'd also note that there was near consensus that Horford is the third-best player in the draft.


    TIER 3
    Spencer Hawes
    Joakim Noah
    Al Thornton
    Julian Wright

    Note: Tier 3 represents the final four players in the top 12. Every team I spoke with had the same 12 players in the top 12. That's a pretty amazing consensus for this deep in the draft. It also shows the depth of the draft itself. Last year, Tiers 1, 2 and 3 consisted of a total of seven players

  44. CNNSI has Horford, Brewer and Noah at 4,5 and 6.

    That's Nice!!!

  45. CBS has:

    Horford 3th or 4th

    Brewer 4th - 7th

    Noah 8th or 9th

  46. Thanks for the data. Good stuff.

  47. Check out Mike D's hair! You know I set that trend.

  48. Dude, you send that pic to your dad and he'd think it was you.

  49. Nice draft showing tonight!!!

  50. I knew Chris Richard was gonna get picked up.

    That's nice!!!

    Lee will sign and play in a summer league for a team and vie for a spot.

  51. 3:12 to 3:29 You are never too old to rock the house party at the drop of a hat.

  52. Gator NBA player career stats. Pretty cool site. The salary figures are interesting.

  53. Horford, the No. 3 pick in the first round, will earn $3.121 million as a rookie and $3.35 million in his second year. The first two years are guaranteed, and the Hawks have options for the third and fourth seasons.

  54. MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Timberwolves signed first-round draft pick Corey Brewer on Tuesday.

    The 6-foot-9 swingman from Florida was the seventh overall pick in last month's draft. He got a two-year deal worth $4.4 million with team options for two more years.

    "We're really happy to bring a player and person of Corey's caliber into our franchise," vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale said in a statement. "He brings a lot to our team both defensively and offensively and will be a great fit with the talented young players on our roster."

    Brewer has accompanied the Timberwolves' summer league team to Las Vegas, along with former Florida teammate and Wolves second-round pick Chris Richard. Brewer, considered a defensive stopper, had 16 points and eight rebounds in his debut on Monday night against New Orleans.

  55. Anyone have 2 extra tix for the first game?

  56. NBA Summer League Stats

    Humpty not many minutes and not much scoring. Noah didn't play cuz of a shoulder injury and Horford didn't play for some reason.

  57. TG stats steadily improving except for the last game.

  58. Funny BD quote

    "If it comes to any career decisions that you need help with," Donovan quipped during a Rotary Club luncheon in Gainesville, "I'm probably not the best guy to talk about it."

  59. I think Horford did not play because he had an ankle sprain.

  60. Damn cops leave the guy alone.

  61. Yeah what's up with cops anyway?? :)

  62. USA Today Preseason Rankings

    Gators at #3. Six SEC teams in the top 25, really the top 20. That's nice!!!

    Duke with the vote of confidence from Spurrier.

  63. Hey peacock are you doing fantasy football this year? If you havent drafted yet do you have any spots open?

  64. Wont be at the first game, they would not give me off for the weekend. I know I will be gone all of October but hopefully I can get to a game some time in November. Can't wait to see you all again miss you guys.

  65. Sorry to hear you won't be there Chris... finish those classes so you can become an officer and can make your own schedule.

  66. 12:30pm?? We are gonna fry! That suuuuux.

  67. Affirmation for Veena's decision to ban September games!!!

  68. ROH! How'd we EVER lose a game when we had WILBER MARSHALL??

  69. "I don't think you're understanding us professor. We fixed the glitch."

  70. Yep, so he'll no longer receive a check.