Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Future Husband and I

Today at work I met Joakim Noah. :)


  1. That is bonus. Why is he in the store minus shirt? I guess cuz he can!!!

    Also Cassie, please tell us how your conversation with him went?

    Did you use the words "I am your biggest fan?" and did the ER have to be on notice in case you fainted?

  2. I was told by Ruth-Ann that I should tell my story on meeting Noah.
    Well, I was helping a customer outside and after that I saw a few carts outside so I decided I would go ahead and bring them inside. Then I saw this guy get out of a car and I was like wow, nice body. Then I looked up at his face and was like "No way!?" I couldn't believe it was him. Then he came up and asked if he could help bring in the carts, and I was in so much shock that he was talking to me that I just stood there for a few minutes. Then I was like "No, I'm okay" Then he said, "No really let me help" So I said.. "Okay" Then I confessed my love to him, really I did. I said " You probably get this a lot but I'm in love with you." and he said "Aw" And I said.. "I don't think you understand I really am" And he said "That is cute." Then I was just going to let him be. But he's going professional, when will I get to see him again? I had to ask him for a picture, and I did and he said sure. But my cell phone was in my locker so I told him I had to get it and he was like alright I'm going to shop then I'll see you before I leave. And he did, and I got his picture. I should of got his autograph too, but I was in so much shock that he even touched me :) Haha, so that's my story. And it was the best day of my life. And you guys can make fun of me for it, but you know it's pretty amazing to meet someone who helped bring the Gators two National Championships.

    And yes he wasn't wearing a shirt.. And trust me, no one had a problem with that.

  3. But Cassie- What did he buy?

  4. Cassie, that is the lamest, gayest story I have ever heard. But I think if I saw Jessica Alba, I might do the same, so I can't get on you about it.


  5. That is awesome Cassie! He's one of the top Gators in my book.