Thursday, May 31, 2007

Donovan Leaves For The Magic

Donovan to announce his new job tomorrow at an 11AM news confrence.


  1. Damnit Bruce, I was writing the same post just as you posted, you beat me by 30 secs.

  2. Jamie, it's a good thing you are out of the country. I hope you don't have internet access or phone home to find out this atrocious news.

  3. I will be accepting contributions to assist me in obtaining a front row season seat for the upcoming Orlando Magic season behind the Magic bench.

    I have started a pile of hot dog turds in a corner of my backyard and plan to sneak into his office and "repaint" the walls.

    Chris and Ruth Ann. Please ask Lance and Pre if they are interested in contributing.


  4. Lance has been practicing in our kitchen, so he'll be ready.
    But, can you really blame Donovan. I don't want him to go either, but what is left for him here? He built a program from nothing and became the 1st team in forever to win 2 championships in a row with a once in a lifetime team. He will never coach a team like that again and the pressure to repeat will be horrible. This is no different than Spurrier leaving in 2001. I do feel bad for the new recruits, but on the upside it should be easier to get season basketball tickets. I don't think this was an easy decision for him and I wish him the best.

  5. Ruth-Ann wrote the above statement, she is having log in problems

  6. I have come to grips with it and I really can't blame him. His comments after he turned down the Kentucky job about it not being about the money and that he loved Florida cannot be related to this Magic ordeal. That opportunity was not there then, so he really is not a hypocrite.

    Basically the timing is just horrible. Many top college coaches have signed with new schools. He just signed top prospects who came to play for him. He took our defensive coach with him...

    However, no I cannot blame him and as much as it will pain me, I guess I will have to root for his success in Orlando. I'm not gonna become a Magic fan, but I certainly will have to follow how he does with that crappy franchise.

    As for right now, Anthony Grant as our head coach would not be such a step down. We'll see what happens.

  7. The Gators to hire...

    Billy Donovan???

    Not posting any articles... I don't want to get let down twice. Apparantly he wants out of the Magic deal and wants to return to UF. All over ESPN, etc...

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  8. I was blissfully ignorant in Tibet. When I got back to civilization in Kathmandu (Nepal) it was already Monday night in the US.

    I'm glad he's back.

  9. Thanks for the ride Billy.