Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 8 Garbage Posts


  1. i cant remember 100% but i think all he did was steal a laptop?? man we could use him

  2. tebows frst nfl td

  3. I know Mike I have been thinking the same thing. I think its TB time to take over, this offense is just not set up for Brantley.

  4. I agree Chris. And Mike, no way would Cam Newton have sat on the bench behind Tebow like Brantley did. Brantley should have left back then too. He got duped by our coaches and his loyalty to his roots. Sad, but I say it is time to kick him to the curb only because our offense obviously refuses to adapt around his skill-set.

  5. Some comments from Gary Danielson about our Gators:

    He is just recapped how good our recruiting classes have been over the last 5 years we have avg rank of 3...

    He wonders why the backup QB from Ark can come in and have success but why we can't. Also says that they are try to scheme and trick people instead of just lining up and doing it.

    Also says because of how we have played in the past couple years our Oline and Backs have no clue how to block for a more traditional offense.

    He said other option is to Switch QB's and do what we have been doing.

    Says we have to be very careful about the message that will be sent. Because if we give up on Brantley now we can kiss pretty much any QB that wants to play pro ball goodbye. Says if we were recruiting Tebow after giving up on Brantley, he doesn't think we get him. That we will have to get guys like Donard Robinson and such.

    Also thinks the more we throw it to the receivers the better they will get.

    * Florida has to do some "soul searching". We've recruited too well. Meyer has to know that we're better than this.

    * He said that Florida has to stop trying to "trick people" and concentrate on better performance . . . . . . "better routes, better plays, better blocks". Demand that the recievers get open and, if they don't, put someone else in. On fade routes, tell the receivers to go get the damn ball.

    * He's got a feeling that Meyer will make changes over the bye week. He said that Meyer has made changes over previous bye weeks.

    * As swampy13 said, he thinks Meyer will change the coaching. He thinks Addazio is doing too much. Meyer will probably re-assign play calling, but without any announcement.

    * In response to a question about whether or not you can re-define the offense mid-season, he said that Meyer has done it before -- Meyer added Latsko as a full-back in 2006 and has moved Demps and Rainey around.

    * Florida should commit to throwing the ball. If we're going to lose next game, we're going to lose throwing 50 times. He mentioned bubble screens and other quick-developing plays to counter blitzing. We should become what Texas was last year. With more throwing, the blocking and receiving will get better through repetition. Or change QBs . . . . . . see swampy13's recap above.

    * In response to a question about Brantley's ability, he said that a spread QB needs to be either a great runner or a great thrower, not somewhere in between. But, we don't know yet if Brantley is a great thrower. For whatever reason, he hasn't shown great throwing ability yet.

    * In response to a question about Florida as a physical team, he said that when Meyer arrived in Gainesville, he said that Florida's reputation was as a finesse team and he intended to change that. Danielson said that the problem is that over the last four years our physicality came from Tebow.

    * In response to a question about whether Florida can still make it to Atlanta, he hesitated and then said maybe. But, he said that he's been enamoured with Georgia, and our game against Georgia will be really interesting.

  6. Good stuff James.

    My personal opinion is just as we will never get a top Power RB, we will never get a top Pro-Style QB regardless if we give up on Brantley.

    QBs think Meyer, they think spread. They don't watch tape.

  7. I say they let all of us coach I call QB coach.

  8. I interpret Danielson differently... I think he is saying his opinion is that no QB that wants to play in the NFL will come to Florida if we give up on Brantley.

    I call WRs.

  9. ``If it was up to me, I would still want to be at Florida,'' Newton told earlier this week. ``My heart is still at Florida because of the long-lasting relationships I have with my teammates there. Leaving them was the hardest part.''

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