Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mississippi State Postgame


  1. Redzone offense just plain out sucks and thats the problem on offense. Move the ball pretty well up to that point and it seems like they just stall when they get there.

  2. Yeah, need to run something other than the bunch or 5-wide set. Everyone knows we're going to run Tebow up the middle or try a pass.

    That under center I-formation play worked nicely.

  3. Mullen complained hard about them not overturning Doe's defensive TD and got reprimanded by the SEC.

    What Doe did is completely unacceptable and I hope he is punished for it from the coaching staff.

    Regarding overturning the TD, every angle they showed was on a diagonal. There was no angle that was goalline to goalline, thus you cannot clearly tell, thus they usually go by what was called on the field. Yes it looked damn close and was probably loose, but there was no straight angle shot, regardless of what the ESPN wiz kids managed to post.

    Why they don't have a camera that runs straight down the goalline is beyond me, but that's how it is in all leagues and in the NFL. You'd think that'd be the first place they put a static camera.

  4. And, I know it's technically a penalty, that call for contact to the QBs helmet was so lame. That was so accidental. Gay.

  5. I agree with both of your comments above JWP. The defense needs a talking to about holding the ball into the endzone... Ahmad Black did the same thing on the pick-6 that was called back for Stamper's penalty.

    I'm pretty sure that the ball was out before he crossed... but pretty sure is not indisputable. Mullen should realize that. How can he say that revieiw guy should be severely punished? I think he made the right call within the current rules of the review process.

    Yeah, Stamper's penalty was unfortunate.

    We have a great team to be able to win when all these things go wrong.