Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 9 Random Posts


  1. A Texas loss and the Gators going undefeated and winning the SECCG is our only hope in. Should Texas' loss be to Texas Tech, Texas Tech would then have to lose, as they are undefeated and still play Oklahoma and possibly the Big 12 CCG. Then there is Oklahoma.

    I think it's gonna be Penn State vs. a one-loss Big 12 team. But that's just me.

    Penn State is so going to the BCS NCG.

    Remaining Sched:

    Penn State:

    @ Iowa
    Michigan State

  2. If anything happens it will be like the opening of the FSU vs. UF at UF a few years back where both teams had a stand off at mid field.

    If we win however, I predict naked Gators on the field, and I don't mean the fans or Jeffrey Peacock.